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  1. I got the information from that the new Honda City will be rolled out in September 2008. Built on the Civic platform, this car will definitely carry a sporty look. Though the price is not yet revealed, but it will be more than the existing City model. I am eagerly waiting for the new City launch
  2. Honda Civic is a great car in every sense. it carries elegance, style with out compromising on power and performance.And the limited edition of Civic is great too with a sporty look. There is no change in engine but is enhanced with additional features and comfort.Honda also rolled out the first hybrid car ( in india through its models Civic.
  3. Hi there! if you ask me to choose out of Ford Fiesta 1.6S and Hyundai Verna, i vote for Ford. I drive Fiesta and it is the best car. the fuel economy is marvelous and give best comfort even in long drives. And now the Fiesta 1.6S ( gives a more sporty look and will be fun to drive car. hope i have helped you with my little information.Good luck my friend!
  4. Hindustan Motors Ltd, the makers of the yesteryear king of the road Ambassador is all set to roll out small electric-run car to India. the information in said that HM
  5. Skoda Fabia is great car both in terms of power and performance.It also has style which is very appealing. As it is from the the house of Volkswagen there is no second thoughts about its buy.I also read in that the brand will be rolling out another version of Fabia to india very soon.
  6. Every car makers has increased the car price stating the same reason. i also read in about the Skoda price hike.This brand is already an expensive one and now with further hike...people will think twice before going for Skoda.
  7. yes even i read about it. it is nice to know that production of Maruti 800 is still on and the new Uniq will definitely impress more people as it is enhanced with more features.i read this information on
  8. Hyundai i10 is definitely better than any other car. I read some interesting news about the car in Trust, Hyundai i10 is really running fast.
  9. Have been waiting for this for a long time. Here's a photo of the Fiat 500 in Pasodoble Red colour! Got from here: