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  1. ok i test drove all 3....didnt like the jetta too much since it has lesser features than laura and same price..no parking sensors or sunroof....so choice is only cr-v vs laura now!!
  2. my point is i'm already driving the old corolla...i like the car but it doesnt seem like a young person's car...wudnt the jetta or laura have more features compared to the new corolla?
  3. my bad...i meant year...i would say my avg would be 1000 km a month or so...so its not too much....
  4. the new cr-v..r u sure its giving an avg of 4?? i heard 7
  5. not really keen on captiva...what exactly is the mileage the cr-v 2.4 auto is giving if any1 here owns it?? and b/w the laura and jetta what do u suggest....looks/ features/ comfort?? are these two the better option or is it better to wait for the new corolla...its due in september rite?
  6. Need to buy a new car. Currently driving the corolla and also have the old sonata. Confused b/w the automatic CR-v vs the auto diesel jetta vs the diesel laura. Also looking at the passat and the new corolla. Budget is max 20 ish. Drive around 4000 km a month and not many long drives. Living in delhi. Like the cr-v as a car but the only downside is the mileage. Jetta and laura are diesel but cr-v gives me a different type since i havnt driven an SUV before. But not rigid on the SUV since I dont go for many long drives. Just comparing cars and their features and the driving pleasure which one would you recommend for the city. Passat may get too big for the city since I want it for everyday driving rite? If you think the cr-v is the best option as a car then i could comprimise regarding the mileage but if the other cars are better then i could change my mind. Please suggest. Thanx