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  1. Congrats abhi! Great choice!Green sure looks a stunner!Good to know that you would be getting the car by 1st week of feb.In some cities the waiting period is going beyond 30 days!I've also come to know that GM is ramping up their capacity at Talegaon owing to the demand. Anyway happy driving!
  2. Nope.Production not stopped.It will continue to sell for a quite some time to come.I believe the production is low owing to the demand of the Cruze.They are ramping up the production olf Cruze.
  3. Bad bad bad... Good for new buyers but not for the currents ones!! Re-sale would be badly affected!
  4. Good Job BS! I was there on the 5th itself! Posted a link in this thread to my pics.Sorry could not upload them as I am short on time and have 200+ snaps. Posting the link again if anyone is interested. Hre is a pic of the captiva Extreme that you missed and also posting the pic of the interior of E-spark. The E-Spark First drive video footage.
  5. The Chevy Spark Electric Drive
  6. The Indica actually looked quite good in flesh! There were different avtaars of nano too!Do chechk out my album! I caught up with Renuka Kriplani too at the skoda stall.The expo just gets bigger and better each time!It was great fun! Non facebook users can also see it if I am not mistaken 07:04:07
  7. I visited the expo on the 5th.Got loads of snaps. If you are on facebook,then here is the link I'll upload it on Picassa too.
  8. Nope,it is not the aveo u-va engine.This is the second gen of the 1.0litre engine that does duty on the spark.That one is S-Tech and the one in the beat is S-Tech 2.It is a new engine.
  9. Chill dude. You are behaving as if?I have done a crime by considering a Cruze. I know its not that driver-friendly when comes to city rides but still it isnt that bad. I am close to 6'feet in height and the headroom wasnt that bad(means it was not more but at the same time was not disrupting). Its not that my father didnt liked the car, infact he loved it but he is more willing to go for VW as a brand than Chevrolet. Otherwise he liked the looks, loved the features and engine. The only concern for us is the grey interiors(which we didnt liked much), City driving and hard seats(they were somewhat hard & not that comfy at rear and we didnt liked that). Apart for that my dad even liked the Jetta for drive although the engine was noisy but only on outside and my mother is interested more in Jetta. And we are close to finalize on Jetta but are waiting for some good deals. Otherwise?I would still say that Cruze overall is good car at a good price, only if?I could get good seats and beige or full black interiors rather than dull grey. And?I dont know how many of you will believe me, but when Civic was launched, after some 6months there were quite a good number of Civic's in used car market, my father knows a used car dealer and he had 2Civic's and were selling between 8-10lacs. And one was just 2months old. So many times you come across some deals but that doesnt means that its a bad car. Within some 6months we will see how Cruze fares, does she disappoints the owners or not. Now its too early to comment. Well BS this happens.We are indians.We are HONDA slaves.Way too gullible.Critising is so easy as people are doing here.I am not objecting to it.It happens.The negatives of a car are highlighted than the positives.I was myself a big honda fan and the 1st gen city was probably one of the best cars to hit Indian roads.But I lost all my respect for that company who loots Indians.Overpriced cars.We jump to conclusions like hell.Nobody sees that a struggling car manufacturer has launched such a fantastic product for the Indian market.What does a customer want-looks,fuel efficient engine,power,comfort,features and above all the price.The cruze is an example of the company's devotion to the market,an entire new dimension to the phrase 'value for money'.Just compare it to the optra-it was a shoddy handler,lacklustre engine,it faired badly at the Euro NCAP tests.Now look at the Cruze-it has a five star safety rating,handling is miles ahead of the optra and it is truly an aspirational vehicle.Just see how far the company has gone in launching such a product.I was one of the first persons to drive the Cruze way back in september and it showed how much GM had worked on this vehicle.I truly am fond of this car.As I am informed by GM officials they are happy too as it has been very well received by the market.I know customers who are very happy with the product.But some people love to speak nonsense not even knowing the attributes of the product. @power-Id like to know which second hand dealer did you visit.I'd like to visit him.siddhant2009-12-09 05:47:56
  10. Whoa!Why do you want to cancel it?