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  1. this is a good car and say whatever even the current city is a lovely car.
  2. i guess after really looting us in the first place now they want us to use the 70 bux a liter 97 octane fuel for their cars.
  3. ill advise the swift vxi over the i10 kappa as it is just marginally more expensive and offers more power and space for it.
  4. well if money aint no consideration the new accord gets my vote. looks mean and performs even more bad ass. just my style . and for the budget conscious (in this segment!!!) the sonata embera priced almost half of the camry makes good sense.
  5. ill vote for the SX4 zxi. it has all the goodies which wont be in optra or corolla for that matter. also a newer model of optra might in around 2009 and corolla cud get a newer model anytime now which wud depreciate their value much more than what u want.
  6. of the latest hatches either punto or the very cute a star
  7. ill advise buy a new car like alto or spark as they will be also under warranty and since ur new u wont come to know if someone gave u lemon for a second hand car.
  8. overall for ride quality and comfort as well as build quality apart from much obvious space ill advise Innova. for driving performance and handling (very imp if u like to throw ur car around) it will be optra.
  9. id say either buy the verna or stretch ur budget and buy a abse version diesel optra. also in case ur considering fiesta ...instead buy a dzire zdi .....it is a better car than fiesta in all respects and loaded to the boot. so on the higher side...optra or verna and on lower sider buy the dzire.
  10. if u wanna get a car which is awesomely fun to drive buy the getz deisel. if u wanna car that is fun and practical buy the swift. also the resale of swift may bbe higher when u wanna sell it.
  11. somewhere above i read outlander will be in petrol!!! boy do they plan on pricing it on par with vitara or what...or they wanna make fools of themselves once again.
  12. ill advise the captiva....as there is not much difference in passat and laura and captiva seems to be not only a better looker than endeavor but also seems it wud be easier to maintain.
  13. see brotha axels are never under insurance unless they get damaged by a major accident. they konk off due to wear and tear. since ur car hasnt run too much ...just keep get a new axel installed. also show haste as if u use the broken axel for too long it can give away completely and u cud be stranded somewhere. then u wont have the option of getting a cheap axel as ull have to tow ur vehicle to a hyundai service center and they will charge u a bomb for it.
  14. average for a petrol verna shud be around 9 kmpl and the headlamps in my accents are also very dim and the vivva is missalligned. try installing a higher powered bulb. but be sure u do it at authorised hyundai service staion with prefrebly a original hyundai accessory only as these things ....god forbid cud cause electrical damage in ur car which cud give rise to a fire an consequently void ur warranty and insurance. take care.
  15. a baleno for performance. or a accent for looks. infact u can get a accent in pretty decent condition in this budget in delhi and gurgaon.