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  1. mokambo

    Diesel Sedan

    Honestly am not a very big fan of fiesta... neways I did consider Linea and honestly I do want to wait for it... But the thing is I am not so sure abt Fia, U know with all the reputation regarding after sales service.. and most importantly I am a little unsure about the 1.3l engine.. I dont think thats enough... and IF they do introduce the 1.9l it will take some time... But no doubt has got awesome looks and with Fiat resurrecting their interset in the Indian automobile market lets see. Btw any conformation on wen its finally supposed to come out?
  2. mokambo

    Diesel Sedan

    heya ppl... Its just been a few days since I have been following this forum and trust I am truly amazed by the info I have got abt cars. Well I have a prob and I hope u gys can solve it for me. I am looking forward to but a Sedan.. my budget is 8l to 9l and I am looking for a diesle engine with a descent mileage and good handling. I am considering Verna and am not so sure abt Logan.. Pl help me out