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  1. i have the same thing in mind deven...but depends on ur mileage..i am also luking for a car between the same range..out of the two optra magnum is much better..but looking at the civic i guess nothing can beat the civic as of you can consider the civic or else if you want to go for a diesel optra magnum is the choice..i am also buying bw these two ...let us see
  2. so which is the one to go in for???i mean there is the new laura which is gonna be out soon..
  3. bt i have teard that the new civic sport is going to launch soon in it worth waiting for?? n hw abt d free 3 year servicing n d offer tht chevy is providing?besides an optra lt is 1.2 lakhs cheaper than d optra lt..+it would save me 2.5 thousand a mnth in diesel than for petrol..considering that d civic gives a 10kmpl n optra 11.5kmpl..i knoe these are too small figures but ai must understand that i am still not earning..i mst save my dad's money ..wt do guys suggest am i wrong in my approach?????
  4. nh i meant that optra is the uncommon off d lot so i could go in for it
  5. bt dun u guys think that octavia is too old n civic is preety commom??n its really hard to spot an magnum as cmprd to d civic..n dsnt a drive of 1300 kms a mnth fall in d diesel category??
  6. u knw i m nt wanting an suv cuz its hell to drive them on delhi roads....n dun u thnk tht optra magnum is a class abve d safari n scorpio....n u knw in delhi executive saloons r mre preferable guide me if i m wrng
  7. thnx a loy dude..i appreciate ur effort
  8. n dude do u think tht its a resonable car to buy??would it luk nice??sorry dis 1 ws weird bt wntd to ask?? n wts d mileage??does it give arnd11.5 wth aircon on??
  9. yes dis would be for my personnel use..nd i hve a getz n a my car would be chauffer drivn for arnd 4-5 mnths till i m comfortable with d wt do u suggest?shall i go in for a optra..n whch color shall i buy????
  10. but that would be the base laura....without leather seats nd stuff..i m considrn d optra magnum cuz of its interiors .d lt version..n d existing model would still sell aftr d introdction of d new optra cruze nxt is it worth byn d magnum??or is it a compromise?/plz suggest
  11. n is d new corolla be launchd in diesel varient???
  12. hy, i am an 18 year old lukin for a car b/w a price range of 10-12 daily running would be around 46-50 kms ..considering my age nd d fact that ill use d car mostly for my college use ,which car shall i has to be there isnt mch option..plz do suggest