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  1. Thanks everyone for your inputs. The Wagon R AT is a definite NO.. because of the 3-speed box.... Will be looking for either a used Santro or the new i10 AT if I can get my bank to stretch the loan.......
  2. Hello everybody.... Im new to this forum... Its a nice place. I actually had finally decided to settle down and purchase a Santro AT GLS for myself and went down to my nearest Hyundai dealer in Udupi to book the vehicle. To my surprise they said that the production of the vehicle had been halted and bookings were closed. I did not believe them and went to the other closest dealer in Mangalore. The same story continued over there. They attributed this to the launch of the i10 auto. I will be glad if somebody could sort my confusion out . Has the Santro AT really been stopped. If not what can I do about it? I cant shell out the extra 60k it costs for the i10 AT. I really had my heart set on the Santro AT. Thanks you guys.............