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  1. Thats just a rumor and Bajaj should develop an all new bike for 300cc and above. Pulsar 300 idea doesn't look nice. But a Pulsar 250cc next will be good
  2. The i10 looks very modern compared to its current competition, looks very much a clear winner. That too with diesel economy is a bonus.
  3. Bajaj has improved the gear box a lot, i used to get many false neutrals in my 150 but not so in the 200. The gears slot in quite well.
  4. Thats a stupid idea to ban diesel cars, infact new tech diesels like Common Rail must be promoted more as they have give much more economy and performance and i believe are clean too.
  5. Ofcourse both should be made mandatory for the cars, but for the making use of airbags effectively first the car companies and govt should do something more to educate people about seat belts and be more strict about it.
  6. I think most of the car users will not be bothered to pump the brakes as the immediate reaction of anybody is to floor the brake pedal in an emergency. In that case i feel putting the stickers will not serve any purpose anyway Engine braking is much more useful thing to do.
  7. I guess the econo king 800 is in its final stage, Alto has taken over that position from 800. We can see this from the car sales figures clearly, its fallen behind even Santro and Indica.