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  1. u didnt understand my question , i m only concerned with the overall performance of the car , i m more concerned with the driving pleasure not the space in the car
  2. if one is not concerned whether a multiutility vehicle or sedan model wat shud one opt for innova or optra magnum diesel taking into account the comfort levels as well as driving pleasure .
  3. dear can u guide me abt mileage of chevy optra magnum
  4. hello frds i plan to buy a diesel sedan model and i m confused between chevy & skoda . as if now i have a chevy 1.6 petrol but there are lot of probs in resale . i took a test drive of 2.0 chev optra magnum and really enjoyed it but i m still confused whether to go with octavia or chevy magnum . my budget is between 10 --12 lacs