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  1. pajero sport or the fortuner

    thank's alot GTO you were of great help i have test driven both the cars extensively and i just cant make a decision . What would your take be on the shelf life of these cars ? which one will have a newer model out before another ? once this is answered i will make my decision, Thanks
  2. pajero sport or the fortuner

    GTO, I never paid any attention when we bought our first gen toyota fortuner but today i was comparing the fortuner with the sports and the carwale site is showing that fortuner comes without ABS and EBD systems is this true ? http://www.carwale.com/comparecars/toyota-fortuner-vs-mitsubishi-pajerosport/?car1=2787&car2=2469
  3. pajero sport or the fortuner

    hyundai in an suv avatar does not ring a bell for me but never the less worth looking at
  4. pajero sport or the fortuner

    gto, thank's for your kind reply but i'am down with hyundai , i bought an hyundai i20 once it rattles from every where and is only used in the city . I would be purchasing the car pretty soon maybe by mid of feb . I would be taking a road trip to Rajesthan so ride quality is a must but also safety A new facelifted version of the Toyota Fortuner is out in Thailand will it make a way into India any time soon ?
  5. Current Car Discounts

    what are the current discounts on the mitsubushi pajero sports
  6. pajero sport or the fortuner

    I missed one thing i do own a fortuner the older generation but it is not being used by me now
  7. Hello guys some of you may remember me from my Audi A6 thread , the car now has long joined the family and is doing well . Now that being said i want to purchase an SUV that can do long highway trips without much problem , i have shortlisted the Toyota Fortuner and the Mitsubushi Pjero Sports . I have test driven the pajero sports and loved its ride and steering , i loved the way you sit having a clear view of the road , i even liked the interiors which are much more better than the Toyota Fortuner . Now for the downside it does not have an AT transmission , iam not so sure about mitsubushi either , if they will operate or leave in the distant future Now for the Fortuner it looks good no doubt IMO better than the pajero , its a bit wide as well , it has an AT transmission . I know for sure Toyota is here to stay , though the ride is not that accurate and is bumpy . I for one wont be doing serious off roading , but it should be able to withstand our highways without much trouble Now for the main thing . When will the new Toyota Fortuner come into india ? is Mitsubushi planing to introduce a new Pajero Sport if so when ? I dont want to be stuck with an SUV that will have a new model within two years my deciding factor is this Please give your valued inputs on this matter and help me chose Thank You
  8. 320d purchase advice

    also gor hdfc banking if you are taking a loan they will offer you some great roi
  9. 320d purchase advice

    there is discount on bmw 320D you just need milk them out also there are huge discounts going on the BMW 520 D you can look into it as well
  10. My Audi A6 2012 model ???

    i got a disc of two lakhs also i own the new 3 series and an s class so i was a premium customer of the hdfc bank they gave me a very reasonable ROI on my loan amount
  11. My Audi A6 2012 model ???

    the vechile was invoiced before 31 march i asked with the dealer he said sir only a limited quantity of such car's come as they are highly priced hence the 2012 model we have not got any 2013 model ???? this is the part i'am confused about
  12. helloy guys , well i will be going to take the delivery of my car on this 11 but my a6 is a 2012 model should i not be getting a 2013 model ?????? and if not what are the things that i should check it being a 2012 model
  13. The new i20 is packed with features look good has a decent boot size safety features are also present though might go a lil out of your budget
  14. BMW 320d or AUDI Q3

    Hahaha i too had a great time deciding between the A6 520D and the xf 2.2 the bwm did not make much sense for me as i own a new 320D the jaguar's interiors were not good enough in quality hence i went with the A6 will be delivered to me by 11 of april
  15. Which one would you have picked up ?

    Vento by a far margin