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  1. i think none of the features of a automobile can be lablled 'useless'. The answer is... it depends. E.g. no one needs mad massaging seats, but for a fella like Ambani, it is quiet important to have it.

    One would regard the wipers on headlamps as useless, unless you were going on a dirt road in the middle of the night.

    The spectacles holder in the accord? Someone could really use them.

    To the fella who said 'Cruise control' is useless, total disagree Mr.

  2. Hey Fellas

    Does anyone have any idea whether Chrysler 300 will ever come to our shores?

    This car is a beast. It is the kind of car that the sopranos would use. I have seen this car and i have fallen in love with it.

    Could / Should / Would this car come to India? How? Why? When?

    Also let me know what do you think about this car.

    It is cold in Australia, where i am at this moment, for about AUD 60,000 = Rs.21 lakhs, hence it would be around Rs.30 to 40 lakhs (very rough estimate) by the time it come to India. Which means, it would be in competition with the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C.

    how many of you would buy this instead of the competition?

    Here are a few facts,

    Engine: V6 3.5litre OR V8 6.1 litre

    Power: 183 bhp     OR   317bhp

    0 to 100kmph: 9.2 OR 5.7 sec

    Transmission: Automatic 5

    Kerb weight: 1.9tons

    Rear wheel drive

  3. I will give you one good reason why it should not come back,


    The temperatures in most parts of India are unsuitable for this vehicle. The sun heats the glass roof and the car bakes to unbearable temperatures with no windows at the back.


    I have been from bombay to pune in the sierra and God knows, i tell no lies, i have been sweating all the way.