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  1. Toyota Camry for me. Because i am a Big fan of Toyota.
  2. It is a small car for sure. People will buy it for the price, it will be people who are unable to afford anything else. If tata can manage to get a milage that is affordable for the paupers, then this could be a huge success.
  3. Motorcyle - 135kmph Bajaj Kawasaki Eliminator Car - 220kmph Holden Commodore
  4. This is the latest we have come up with, Omni - TATA - Ambassador - Maruti 800 - Adventure - San Storm - Versa - Fiat 118NE - Tempo TRAX - Maruta/Jugad
  5. Also before its first year, the paint started to dramatically corrode and the whole thing started to rust from various places.
  6. The laugh is on you' date=' read and enlighten yourself before you make general broadbased comments. Caveat Emptor: I have no affiliation or any other attachment to this site.[/quote'] Dear Gurkha, I am humbled by your animated protest to salvage the TRAX. But mate, I have owned this vehicle about 7 years ago and to tell you a matter of fact it is rubbish. I
  7. Why do we have to pay different prices all over india? Is it just for us as Indian citizens? Why do cars cost cheaper in developed nations compared to India? Is the government trying to tell us that we do not deserve any better? I feel the pinch when my friend can buy a 4 litre Holden Commodore in Australia for the same price as a Toyota Camry in India. Does anyone have answers to these questions? Is it fair? If it isnt what can we do about it?
  8. People are going to laugh at you for centuries
  9. Dear Princey, what is MARUTAS/JUGAD? Dear Gurkha, you quote the king of uglies - Ford Endeavour! You must be out of your mind. I agree that it is all relative but this is the height of relativity. Although the gearbox comes from Mercedes junk yard, the G can never be compared to tempo trax. This is because it doesnt have any commonality except it looks similar if they are both seen from a distance of 1km.
  10. Innova is the best in the indian market
  11. Bugatti veyron This car has 2 V8 engines to make a 8litre W16 and they gave it 4 tourbo chargers, the result is 1000bhp. 0-100kmph in 2.5sec. Sadly, they have had to limit the top speed to 407kmph! This car has the grip to keep it on the ground at that speed. It handles like an lotus elise around the corners and Brakes from 407to0kmph in 10 seconds! It has option of manual and automatic within the car. Ofcourse it does not have the stupid flappy paddle gear box. The gear box weighs not more than a bag of flower. Furthermore it has 10 radiators and is essentially a mid-engined 4 wheel drive. This car is a gaint leap forward, it is an engineering triumph. It is not just the best car ever made, but very possibly the best car we will see in our lifetime. Volkswagen has made this Thundering Phenomenol magnifiscent glorious motorcar which is a Concorde moment for automobile industry across the globe.
  12. Omni - TATA - Ambassador - Maruti 800 - UVA - Adventure - San Storm - Versa There must be more to this list.
  13. Buy the city, ive had an Ikon didnt fancy it after the first two years
  14. Mates, Talking about SUVs, what about the Toyota Fortuner? Ive been waiting for it forever, i guess i will have to get a Innova instead. I was going to be launched since 2005, does anyone know if it will come to India at all?
  15. Id have the Honda city Vtec. Chevrolet is just a disguised Daewoo, which is crap to begin with. Ford Fiesta, Ive had an ikon before. Everytime it went to the shop i had shell out Rs.20,000 and it kept getting worse over the years. For that bad experience i am afraid to buy a ford. Hyundai Verna, Firstly it is Korean and secondly why would anyone buy a HYundai? Maruti SX4, it is a good option, Suzuki is selling this model in developed countries as well, i would consider it, if interiors had been built with better materials.
  16. Is a SUV best for Indian Roads? The generalisation "Indian Roads" is slow-witted. The roads in India, which is a large geographic region, vary in quality of the surface, width, congestion, etc. An SUV cannot be best suited for every situation.
  17. Tempo trax cruiser is not even worth having a glance. It is hideous.
  18. Mates, Please excuse the SCORPIO and the SAFARI because they are infact dreadful cars to drive. Whoever advocates that the ride, handling and performance of these two sluggish vehicles are good, that fella should check the dictionary for the meaning of these terms. Both of these are extraordinarily slow in acceleration, ie can be overtaken by cyclists. Heavier than elephants, because they have used ancient materials to build them. They both handle like a unicycle, surely land you in the hospital if you blink twice while you drive. I am sick and tired of people falling in love with them, because they havent experienced anything else. I totally agree that they are affordable and look alright. But a vehicle is much more than the way it looks. As far as this discussion goes. My choice for an affordable "offroader" on indian roads, remains the Maruti Gypsy. Of course i wouldnt buy it becuase i would look out of place. If cash wasnt the criteria then i would surely buy the toyota landcruiser, i believe that there is no better SUV than it.
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    They Type R is a coupe not a sedan Id really like the Honda Accord Euro a.k.a. Honda Accura. Unlike the mainstream Accord, it is better than the Camry.