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  1. People, lets see all cars from one level. This forum, i believe, is designed to talk about cars and not patriotism. Although serviceability is great, Tata motors makes sluggish poor quality cars. Thats it. Ambassador is a terrible car. Firstly because it is too big, slow and very high depreciation because no one wants it. I reckon even if it was given more power it wouldnt be able to handle it.
  2. Trust me guys, let Maruti 800 go. We have to change with the times. We cannot drive something that has power of 4 harnessed infants and second grade plastics.
  3. I believe as yet there is no market for the hybrid. Firstly because they are expensive and they will save on mileage and emissions only in the city and not the highway. Secondly the power is lost, it accelerates slow at pick up. I would buy if i lived in a village where everyone else had a hybrid. The car does not make any sound, i have heard it. There is no sense of sport to it. What i am really looking forward to is the trybid cars. Trybid car is essentially a hybrid that can run on sugar-based ethanol. Ethanol can be extracted from grass and corn and rubbish ie they can actualy grow it again and again. Even the less efficient corn based ethanol produces 50% less carbon emmision. And there is enough enough ethanol in this world that car power entire Europe and America. I reckon that could be the answer to solve global warming.
  4. I wish to remind you all, We are BORED with mercedes, BMW is the new thing for our roads. and the fact remains that the BM is a compassionate drivers car.
  5. To begin with, my most hated car is the Maruti Omni. It was my fathers first car back in the 80s and we had it for about 10 years. It took us perfectly from point A to point B. It has plenty of space and as a kid I loved to jump around inside the car. Also my dad would sometimes show me the door trick. DONOT TRY THIS AT HOME. He started the car with the sliding doors open and took the car with a wheel spin and braked it hard, and the doors closed by themselves!! It is all good so far. Until 5 years back when my parents purchased the Omni, for the last time. Maruti had done value engineering and thinned the entire body. Even in a normal city drive, it felt like the car was falling into pieces. Maruti had got it horribly wrong. This car has been shed to peices. The car has smallest wheels and is out of balance. So unless you do not want to eat hospital food and have your car in the asylum donot buy the Maruti Omni.
  6. Here is the deal, we have discussed what is good about every car at lengths. Now is the time to come out with the cars we need to avoid. Lets give in the cars we hate the most and the reason why our mates should not buy them.
  7. I have to say the Toyota Corolla. I admit that it isnt the best looking, but the car handles really well around bends. It is kind of quick. It doesnt come in diesel. There is plenty of room inside. The plastics are not of second grade. It is perfect for its price tag.
  8. Hyundai Accent has a bad handling, there is a lot of under steer.