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  1. I can go for H1 Corolla if discounts are close to 1.5L. But with new model launch, its resale value will also suffer. Did some research on used car classifieds, optra resale seems to be really bad but SX4 is only slightly below Honda City. So I am all the more confused. Did use some decision making techniques by giving weightages and values to parameters but didn't like the decisions that came out of it . Waiting for sunday to have one more round of test drives, before i take a final decision.
  2. Thanks for all the inputs. Does it make sense to consider honda city VTEC which is priced at about 1.6L more than SX4? I wasn't even considering city, but on talking to owners, found one commanality, all of City are happy with it, while rest (Aveo, Verna, SX4 etc) would point out one or 2 pain points.
  3. Optra doesn't have ABS, Air Bags and climate control in lower model. For service they have an offer, pay 14K upfront which covers all parts and services for next 3 years or 45000KM, which ever is earlier. I think i would go for one more test drive with an open mind :-)
  4. I agree with bluesapphire on corolla, 1.8HE is no good and is missing many of basic features of a luxury car and I won't like to strech upto H1. I am getting a good deal in Optra (I think so), 60K corporate discount. Checked with dealers they are normally offering 40-45K discount. But checked some of used car classifieds, optra being about 1+L more expensive than SX4 before discount and about 65K more expensive after discount, sells for almost same price as SX4 after a year of usage. Will I be able to make my SX4 look luxurious, by spending 20-30K on it?
  5. Some new inputs, resale becomes little more important. I am buying car on company lease and did some calculations, it is beneficial to sell of once lease expires/change job and get another one. Lease expire would be 3 years. How bad is resale of Optra compared to SX4. Will I even be able to get takers for it. Did talked to a friend who has been driving Optra 1.8LT, he is fully satisified with it and GM, in general. Now planning to upgrade to Captiva as doesn't wan to buy non GM car. I liked plush interiors of Optra and ride quality. But in lower model I won't get ABS and Air Bags. SX4 interiors looks like an upgraded WagonR to me. Also test drive car of SX4 wasn't in good shape, which may have effected my perception.
  6. Thanks for a quick response. 1. Annual mileage expected is less than 10K, may even be near 5K. 2. I intend to keep the car for atleast 3 years and hopefully much longer. Resale value is not a concern for me, but won't like to have a car which depreciates say at 10% more than rest of segment. couple of percentage here and there is not a concern. 3. Number of passengers would typically be 4 adults as would be using it as a second car for family outings. I have a chauffeur but intend to drive this car myself. May be 5 rarely, when chauffeur is driving.
  7. I am interested in either SX4 or Optra. City is out because of its omni presence and also don't want to pay extra for brand value of Honda. I liked fiesta in terms of driving pleasure but don't like its "anonymous" looks (me too sedan) and high cost of spare parts. I like SX4 for VFM, Maruti, feature rich, satisfactory driving pleasure.Though its interiors are really bad. I can upgrade to Optra 1.6 LS and liked its ride quality and especially its interiors. I have found people praising Optra Diesel a lot but not much OPtra Magnum petrol. Car will be used for family outings generally within delhi at times for long drives. I have a wagonR which i will continue using for daily commuting. I will appreciate any inputs which will help in my decision making.