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  1. Dunno. This was a first time exp. for me. :-). I have become aware of all these secrecy before launching models, only after observing the forum. If it had been in the past, it would have been " I care a damn" attitude. May be they were driving some other model. One thing I was sure, it had fiat logo .
  2. Just 1/2 an hour back, I started from my home at Wanowrie ,Puneon my way to office & dropping my daughter at school. Suddenly a convoy of 3 cars passed from opposite direction. The cars were painted with small black triangular markings ( similar to leopard markings though shape of triangle) . Initially I thought it was car of some "showoff" kind opf guy, but then noticed that there were two similar cars behind. Looked at the logo of the 3rd one's boot which displayed fiat & realized that it was l a linea possibly. I do not remember if the first & second cars had boot ( implying not sure if all the three were linea's). I seldom carry my mobile & so no snaps could be taken :-(
  3. yup. Thanx evry one for ur advice & help. For a while I will be silently observing the posts on this forum . Will inform you all about the car which I go for , in a month or two hopefuly. Thanx again Speed , Romeo, Bluesappfire etal.
  4. yes. If I can downsize the budget always welcome. As mentioned, initially the budget was 7.5 l max, but then after deliberation relaized that if I will own the car & drive personally for atleast 5-6 yrs, & if spending a big amount ( 7.5 L) , then better not compromise for a lakh or so. Sedan which is comfortable with good interiors & also fuel efficient & having features like ABS , airbags is what I am looking for.
  5. yes .patience is a virtue & i will practise it. A* & also punto & i10 , I am not considring as the basic requirment is a car with boot. Have been driving hatch back ( b segment car) for past 10 yrs, at this point, I am in a position for upgrade.
  6. u know I am really torn between waiting for linea/new honda city & buying cedia.!!!
  7. Since my budget is at max 9.5 L ( for a car with onroad price). In that budget which new cars are expected by End of the year. I do not want to consider next yr launches as then there might be more launches & by that logic would not be able to make up my mind at all:-) 1) Linea ( hope it gets launched , god knows when) 2) New Honda City Any other cars?
  8. Well what I had in mind was that would it be possible to get Cedia petrol & then depending upon my usage, some time later get HM to fit LPG/CNG. I found on net some press reelases where statements like plans to have cedia in cng mode etc were made somehwre in april 2008.
  9. I think CNG model is not out yet. By the way is it possible to convert cedia petrol ito petrol + cng later? This way if I go for petrol now & get it fitted with CNG kit. ( instead of LPG). "mistubishi plans to launch the new lancer in early 2009 (What Car? magazine on the stands now) which will mean they will drop the price of the Cedia - so you will lose even more on this purchase" I guess this will be lancer evo 10 something which will be in bracket of more than 13L or so. Is it correct? I mean I will face dilemma if the new lancer competes with cedia in terms of pricing. If they are in diffrerent segment in terms of pricing, I feel still inccliend towards cedia.
  10. yeah, I am abstaining from taking any decision now. Looks like Linea is not going to get launched in september. Went to see fiesta & cedia with my bro-in-law. We cocurred that if I am paying 8L for fiesta, then might as well shell out 1 to 1.25 L more & get a cedia. As I said 9.5 l is what dealer is offering. It is possible he may offer any 25 - 30 k. Guys what say ! if I am getting cedia at 9.1 - 9.2 do u thing it is a good car to own? I do not intend to sell it in next 5-6 years. I am parting with santro bcoz have driven hatch back zen & santro for past 8-10 yrs & now want to own a good sedan for next 5-7 yrs, which is fuel efficient, comfortable and also having features like ABS etc.
  11. Guys, I am in completely confused state. Not able to come up to any decsion. I went to see cedia Select & took test drive. It was a car !!. I really felt like buying it. The dealer is giving 50K discount which is making it 9.5 L on road. Remember I started with abudget of 7.5-8l & now am staring at 9.5 L. what to do !!! The dealer says mitsubishi si offering this discount only till 15th aug. Is it a gimmick? Or they will offer it later too? I would have gone for it I could get it by 9.10 L or so. Right now still undecided.! Is it possible to get it in 9 - 9.1 L range?
  12. Guys, I know I am getting fickle minded, not able to come to any decision! Today evening I went to see Logan edge & rejected it because the dealer's service was pathetic & my knees actually hit the steering's shaft. Then I saw the honda city gxi & I was bowled over by its interior / space. I have not test driven it , but it has changed the rules of teh games for me. After looking at that some how fiesta is not looking so attractive.
  13. I took a TD of fiesta 1.6s. it is good. We liked 1.6 SXI because of rear comfort & leather seats. The on road price of it is 8.2L in pune. The dealer is willing to bring it down to 7.98L. I called up honda also for price. The EXI is costing 7.87L on road & GXI 8.53 L. The dealer is not ready to give discount of more than 12000Rs on any of the model.