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  1. Its an awesome journey ......its something you are going to remember for the rest of your life. I keep going back.Keeping it a small group like minded people only about 5-6 cars. So should be great fun!!
  2. Yup Was in Bhutan :) Saw it and couldnt resist!!
  3. Actually if you consider the fact that you will be getting a car to self drive, the airfare and all stays in good hotels , meals , visas permits included the cost is quite reasonable.Plus the headache of your own car and maintainance or service or problems along route are not yours. Bookings are done all you have to do is get in and drive and enjoy some of the most wonderful driving terrain.
  4. Hey... Land of the Thunder Dragon has some wonderful driving terrain. For all those who love to drive heres the link to join me on a driving trip.
  5. Hey Let me know who your cable operator is and we can sort it out. Unfortunately all new channels are pay channels they are with the package of star sports etc.
  6. This week the Toyota Fortuner and the new Q7 on the Autocar show!!Watch it on UTVi at 10.30 p.m Tuesday....repeat on Saturday 10.30 a.m Sunday 12.30 p.m .
  7. This week on the Autocar show on UTVi, watch the two iconic cars Nano and 800. This Independence day special Hormazd and Renuka take the two cars out on the streets of Mumbai looking at what these cars gave us freedom from and what we still need to free ourselves from. Watch at 10.30 p.m Tuesday 11th. Repeat on Saturday at 11.30 a.m and Sunday at 12.30 p.m/10.00 p.m.
  8. Watch....the Jazz, i20 and Fabia battle it out in the luxury hatch story! The Skoda Laura RS and the ususal Q& A with Hormazd. Catch it on UTVi at 10.30 p.m Tuesday, Saturday 10.30 a.m , Sunday 12.30 p.m.
  9. and though Indian drivers may be able to drive anywhere in the world....will any of the original drivers of that country survive if we unleash this bunch on them is the question!!!!! Also I disagree about road condition, circumstance etc. If people stopped the attitude of I have to get from A to B and me first and were courteous to other people on the road all situations would improve. How many times are you blocked in traffic cause someone is trying to take a legit u turn , has gone half across and then no one else will let him thru!! Thats what I mean if one car stopped for 5 secs the traffic wouldnt bunch up!!!!
  10. Drive abroad for over a week and come back here and you realise what a disaster it would be if you put a batch of our drivers onto a motorway or an autobahn. Someone already wrote about headlight etiquette, but really what etiquette do people on our roads have. Rearview mirrors might as well be removed no one uses them. Wing mirrors are meant to be folded away and kept scratch free. Indicators are never used.People drive in the wrong direction if a U turn is too far. This too in the extreme right lane of a highway. Its one big merry video game!!!! Free for all. Not only the drivers the pedestrans are a bigger menace . Not to mention cabbies that park only at junctions making it impossible to turn. With more cars on the roads each day and faster cars getting into the hands of everyone.....liscensing authorities and traffic police need to wake up and smell the ...shall we say brakes!! Its about time drivers in India learned how to drive.
  11. haha its Scaglietti guys :) For me Ferrari has loads of character ..Gallardo is a bit well mannered in comparison
  12. autowoman


    about 1.7 million cars and utility vehicles annually including exports.
  13. The Hybrid battery will generally last the lifetime of the vehicle if used properly and the vehicles charging systems function fine.However if needed to be replaced they are very expensive and could cost upward of a lakh ( details will depend on how Honda price for India). worldwide Honda offer a 8 year or approx 1,25,000 km for the battery. So normally you wont have to pay out anything at all.