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  1. Yup, even I would tilt towards the Innova without a question on my mind. When it comes to the overall quality of the car, Mahindra & Toyota a two extremes of the spectrum. Mahindra is giving us what we exactly asked for - a biiig car, preferably diesel, accomodate 6+. The Scorpio & the Xylo qualify all of the above points & period. Whereas, for the Toyota, these are just the basic requirements. To this they add two teaspoons of Toyota quality processes, Toyota safety procedures, Toyota market value retention recipy & Toyota peace of mind. Good choice RK. You'll enjoy the prestige & peace of mind of your Innova for at least the next 4-5 years (beyond which it would get too expensive to maintain - diesels remember).
  2. ARAI stands for the Automotive Research Association of India. ARAI is a co-operative industrial research association established by the automotive industry with the Ministry of Industries, Government of India. It works in harmony and complete confidence with its members, customers and the Government of India to offer the finest service. For more information, check out this link.
  3. Durango Dude: Thanks a lot, for uploading the pictures for me. Appreciate it. Yeah, even I had shortlisted two colour - White & the Red. But, family thought the red was blood red - so, you know why white. Thanks for your wishes. Lovemycar: Thanks a lot for your wishes. The i20 is a lovely car - currently my super favorite in the Indian hatch scene (even with the Fabia / Punto / et al). Just love the design of the car from outside. And the interiors, don't even get me started. It truly rocks. While picking up the Getz CRDi, I happened to get hold of the i20's key stub - Mahn, they're something from cars in the next segment (or maybe two segment up). Love it. I did know, the i20 CRDi was around the corner, but, the deal breaker was 1. Pricing, I was sure will cross the 8 lakh mark (my budget was already stretched aaall the way to 7 lakhs - incl. all the modifications) 2. It will not have the 1.5 CRDi engine Karanraheja: Thanks a lot. Yes, the alloys are Lenso Samurai 15". I had shorlisted the HRS H109 & this one, before I actually went in for these. The only reason for me choose the Samurais was that, it was the lightest alloys (on this side of OZ, Momos etc). Sparshq: Thanks a lot dude. They took me a good two weeks to shortlist - I began the whole process even before I booked the car. Glad you like them.
  4. Hi Sharash Basically, I'm not a big fan of the sub-woofer. I agree it provides the thump, but, the fact is - the amp I've fit is 4x4 channel one. 2 channels for the components (up front) & 2 for the rear ovals (460W). This combination of components & ovals (both connected via amp) provides pretty awesome thump. More than enough for my hatch back. Maybe, when I buy a bigger & better saloon in the future, I might think of a sub that I can keep in the boot.
  5. Hello All I have taken delivery of the Getz CRDi last week. I have successfully carried out the modifications as specified in my earlier post. My question is this: How can I upload picture into this thread? I do not see an option that says 'upload file' or something on those lines... Pls advice.
  6. The main difference between the less expensive one's & the more expensive one's is this: 1. The amount of heat they bounce off of the car when the car is exposed to the Sun. The more expensive the film, the more UV they block. So, this essentially translate into: a. Lesser effort on the A/c b. Will protect the cabin plastic from over exposure. For example, all Mercedes, BMWs & Audi's come factory fitted with VKool films. These nearly block out 75-80% UV / heat waves. Whereas, a Garware, depending on the cost, will block anywhere between 15-20% heat / UV rays. VKool for an i10 will cost anywhere between 25 ~ 30k rupees. My suggestion is to go for 3M's RE70 / RE35 Sun films. They offer the best balance between blockage & price. 2. Of course, the quality of paper used varies vastly. The more you pay, the better the quality of the film. If you notice the Sumo's on the road, they will have half-torn films. These are usually the 350 - 500 range sun films.
  7. - The Chevy Cruze will be launched by Sep ~ Oct '09. - The price will range between 14 & 16 lakhs (OTR) depending on the variant. Compare this to a Civic-manual-petrol, that retails for Rs 15.25 lakhs OTR Bangalore, the Cruze suddenly sounds like a steal. - The Optra brand will be retained (both, petrol as well as diesel). - The Cruze will share the same diesel engine from the Optra / Captiva. - Last, but not the least - Chevy as a brand is committed to India & is here for the long haul. There is no reason for buyers like us to worry. You can get good discounts on their products (while talking to Chevy dealers, act like you're interested in a competitor's product) ;-). Their drive to ensure that the after sales service is reeeallly cheap is quite commendable. I for one, trust them!
  8. @ Vijay: 1. The price difference is always there. Remember, we're from Bangalore - for some reason, the state government thinks everyone in Bangalore are relatives of Vijay Mallya. We pay the highest prices for on-the-road car cost (due to crazy road tax) & the highest fuel costs (Rs 46.30 petrol & Rs 35 diesel) in India. 2. I was planning on going for the Michelin XM1 series initially; but then, after some research, decided to go for the Primacy LC tyres. Apparently, these offer the highest noise cancellation (tyre noise) & the least rolling resistance (as it is made of 100% silica compound; unlike other tyres that have a different percentage compund). It sure looks good on paper - will wait & see if it actually delivers.
  9. Sparsh, I did'nt mean to offend you, just gave my clarifications (on why I thought so), that's all. No hard feelings buddy! At the end of the day, we are all here because of one reason - our love for cars. ;-)
  10. Thanks all, once again for your comments. Some quick updates: Delivery is due for Thursday in the morning (due to auspicious times!) Car will go straight to Ganesha temple & there after to the car accessory store for fitment of the music system & remote locking. I have finalised the below configuration Head-unit Pioneer FH-P6050UB (11.5k) Front Component speakers Pioneer P1702C (6.5k) Rear 6*9 speakers Pioneer A953 (5.5k) Amplifier JBL644 / Pioneer (6k / 7.5k) Cabling Monster cabling (1.5k) And then on to the alloy wheel expert (Super Tyre Tec) for fitment of Alloy wheels Lenso Samurai 15" - 5 piece (26k) Tyres Michelin Primacy LC 195/60/R15 (24k) So, that's pretty much what I intend to add on to this gem of a car for this year at least!! Of course, I will post some pictures once all this is done, by weekend that is.
  11. Sparshq, I was in no way comapring the Indigo to the Jetta! All I said was the design element of the way the boot joins the body & the bonnet joins the body is very similar. Don't we say the C-class mimics the bigger & better S?? I would appreciate if you read the posts clearly before commenting.
  12. The new Laura 2.0 diesel, preferably the L&K variant is the best bang for the buck car. It has some features that even cars in the next segment does not have. The new Laura looks great & I'm sure is a much better buy, than a Jetta any day. VW is simply too over-priced. And to me, personaly, it looks like a bigger form of the Indigo - seriously, just look at the way the boot & bonnet proportions out to the centre body. The Indigo's boot & bonnet proportions fit similarly to the center body too. Oooops!
  13. Thank you all, for your kind & heart-felt comments. Sorry, I was out of action for the past week due to the bank processes. Here are some updates of all that happened the past one week. I have finally booked the Getz CRDi GVS - white from Trident Hyundai, Bangalore. The bank loan is through. The dealer is giving, apart from the regular free-bies like mats, carpets etc. also offered to paint the door handles & rear view mirror to white (body coloured) as free. I'm paying a discounted 4.5k for the front fog lamps as an addition. Delivery is due anytime next week (the week of 15th ~ 19th). I promise to post pics of my new car the moment I drive out & get the other modifications done. I intend to fit a good music system & alloys & better rubber. And then, I will post some pics. Thanks once again to all that helped me decide on this fabulous hot-hatch. I know it might be slightly dated, but hey, for this price-point, this power hatch is a deal. Trident gave me a good deal, the on the road price I paid was Rs 5,88,250/- Add the 4.5 for the fog lamps & it is comes to Rs 5,93,250 all incl.
  14. I stopped by the Whitefield Honda dealership yesterday to have a look at the Jazz - and boy, was I blown out of the showroom; only because of it's sticker price! The base version on the road costs a whopping Rs 8.6 lakhs in Bangalore. I laughed out aloud when the sales person said that. And to top that, he was like Honda always thought of our safety & it comes standard with ABS & Airbags. I told him to stop bull-sh*tting. I told him, Honda only thought Indians needed to be safe 3 months ago (with the launch of it's new City). The previous two generations of the Citys, no matter what top spec you purchased, did not even offer ABS & Airbags as an option. He had no response to that! Anyway, getting back to the Jazz, I was truly disappointed with the back seats as well. They barely supported half my thighs when I sat there. The front seats are alright, but, the interiors might not be to everyone's liking. Paying nearly 9 lakhs, I don't think Indians want to be seen as 'FUNKY'. And that's exactly what the interiors are like. Too funky to my tastes. And then the sales guy was like, sir, this car comes with a 'CD' player (like it's some kind of a favour Honda is doing for it's Indian customers). I asked him about USB, which is minimum now-a-days, and the anwer was a NO. Great! And yes, for nearly 9 lakhs for a hatch & no alloys as well. Hahahaha. And he was like, sir, you ONLY pay for the engine in a Honda. And I was like - WHAT? Agreed, the VTECs are great, but hey, we're paying for the entire car & not just the engine. He went on to say, it was just a City without a boot, so, you pay nearly as much. I told him, the City had a 1.5 VTEC, whereas, the Jazz is 300 cc less, and you want to command a 'City - boot' sticker price? I was truly amazed by Honda's pricing. I think it's gone to their heads - that Indians consider Honda to be premium cars. That's bull-sh*t. I think we Indians are smarter than Honda for sure. We always give thumbs-up to the best car that offers an all-round value - includes engine, interiors, torque, efficiency, price etc. and not just brnad recall. And the best part is, if Hyundai launches the i20 CRDi with a price tag of Rs 8.2 lakhs (on the road for the top spec), then the Koreans are going to kick some arrogant Japanese a*s for sure!
  15. Thanks Uneet for sharing your views on the Skoda Fabia. Like Sudeepd said, this is slightly over my budget. As it is, I have stretched by budget to 6.5l (on-road price); I might not be in a position to stretch even further. However, I'm sure the Fabia's a lovely vehicle. It was definitely part of my short-listed cars. Price was the only factor that I had discount it. Of course, I had to overlook the noise it creates! As for Swift diesel, I'm still very confused. I was very impressed with the suspension set-up on the Getz. It made me feel much more confident. Whereas, the suspension on the Swift already felt like it needed tweaking - not sure how it would be post say, 25k or 35k kms. The Swift also has a waiting period - which I'm not sure if I want to do. If it was a prim & proper car (read European version Swift), then it would have made sense waiting; but, considering, it's just about average in build quality, I might give it a misss. Also, I was noticing soooo many Swifts with one of the brake lights (tail lamp)not working at all. These are ZXis & VDis. I'm irritated that Maruti is compromising on the quality of the bulbs even after the buyer puts in nearly 6 lakhs of his / her hard earned money. This, I see only with the Swift. I'm yet to see a Getz / Fabia / i10 / i20 with such defects. All these things makes me want to run away from the Swift. (No offense to Swift owners)!
  16. Indicators on the outside rear view mirrors according to me are useless. I wonder who it alerts that you're turning. There's one in front (headlamps), there's at the back (taillamps), and there's one in the front side fenders. Now, who are we trying to alert with the rear view mirrors blinking? And those small little fog lamps that come standard within the bumpers (like the Swift, Estilo, Getz, Lancer etc). What are they supposed to be doing? They don't light up the road ahead anyway.
  17. Well I feel the DZire ZXI would be slightly over your budget. If you want peace of mind (while paying the EMIs), why don't you check out the Hyundai Accent Executive. They are giving it away for a very very good price. They also have a factory fitted LPG version. All under 5.6 lakhs on road.
  18. Thank you everyone, for your suggestions & feedbacks. Let me give my opinion on the various options suggested. Pls do not get me wrong here, I'm not against your comments, I truly appreciate it. But, these are just my clarifications on why I'm tilting towards the Getz CRDi. Suzuki Ritz VDi - Personally, I feel this is for a slightly older generation. Probably for a family of 3 or 4 (husband, wife & 1 or 2 kids). I'm currently single and would like a more sporty hatch. Suzuki Swift VDi - The plastics in this car are very low grade. They've definitely cringed on the plastics to achieve what we Indians luuuv - value for money. Also, the engine is alright, but really not peppy. There is a lag before the turbo kicks in. I liked the Swift, till I test drove the Getz CRDi. The two engines are from totally different planets. Getz' turbo kicks in at 1950 rpm & that's amazing in city traffic. So, plastics & a lethargic engine (compared to the Getz) are two negatives for the Swift. Grande Punto - Like I've already said, I'm not for the FIATs & TATAs. Nothing personal here, just that I've heard one too many stories about the state of their service netwrok & the overall quality of the cars. In fact, Concorde Motors recently had a stall at my campus. You would not believe, the interiors of the Indica Vista is waaay better than the Fiat Linea. The Linea in Europe, I'm sure has much better quality interiors, but in India, again, they've given what we Indians luuuv so much, value for money. End result, the plastics were so bad, the a/c vents were partially melted & then cut away. The interior beige reflects onto the windscreen (even when it was just parked). There was a Vista right beside & it's interiors were of much better quality plastics. This company just does not push the right buttons for me. I get the creeps when I think of delivering a car off a TATA showroom. So, I'm afraid I'll have to rule out Vista, Linea, Palio & the Grande Punto (only because it is sold by TATA). Again, I do not have anything against the TATAs. I have great respect for Ratan Tata & his vision for Indians. But just that, when I'm putting in my money (for the next 4-5 years), I want complete piece of mind & some amount of quality product. Volvo A/c buses - Well, I'd love to use them, but their connectivity is not great as yet. My office is not yet in a Volvo route. Even then, most of the Volvo's leave from Majestic (and there is not one that gets me from MY home to my office). So, that's ruled out as well. Hyundai i20 - Like many of you have already mentioned, the i20 diesel, which is due by September will be way over my budget. It is indeed a lovely car, but, one should have the budget as well, right? It will be around Rs 8.20 lakhs on road (whereas the Getz diesel costs Rs 6.20 lakhs on road this month due to the insurance free offer). Also, the i20 might have only a 88 bhp 1.4 litre diesel engine, which will definitely not be able to match up to the Getz CRDi. Apparently Hyundau does have a 1.6 litre diesel CRDi, but, thanks Indian government policies, any engine over 1.5 litres for a diesel would attract heavy tax - which many car manufacturers would obviously try & avoid. Ford Fusion - Don't like the design too much. Also, I used to find the Fusion 1.6 top end as soon as it was launched a bit of a solid car. But, over the years, localisation & cost cutting measures have definitely taken that away from the Fusion. Now, it's just as good as any other hatch. It's a great car, but the design is a 'you like it' or 'you hate it' kind of a thing. So, I guess, I'll pass this one. Why Getz? - Best in class engine (it has the Verna CRDi egine). 110 bhp & 240 nm torque @ 1950 rpm. - Quality of plastics are of good quality. It's on par with cars like the Verna, Fiesta etc. - Interior space is good for 4 adults (plus the rear seat backrests can recline, just like the front seats). - Understated overall design (not to catchy or conflicting design elements). Negatives in the Getz CRDi - Brakes are average. After a while, if required I might upgrade the rotors & discs. - Tyre size in small for the power. I intend to upgrade to 15" 195 profile tyres the very same day as I intend drive out of the showroom. - Old design & might be phased out. I totally agree with this, but I guess I'll live with it (the engine totally makes up for it). Well, these are just my statements. Don't mean to hurt anyone or get personal. Pls feel free to write back.
  19. Hello Fellow members, I'm planning to go in for a new hatchback; and a diesel one at that. The reason for the shift? 1. My 8 year old 1.3 Ikon (75k kms) is giving waaay too many problems since the past 1.5 years (I guess she's done enough). 2. My office is moving away from the city center. Come August & I would be clocking nearly 65 kms a day! So, I guess the best option would be a diesel & personally, I like hatchbacks. May be for the rest of my life, I'd have to own sedans / SUVs - I wanted to enjoy a hot-hatch for now. Also, my budget is not very high. The OTR price of the car needs to be within 6.5 lakhs. And I do not like anything coming from the TATA stable (and that includes the FIAT cars). Sorry if I sound biased, but, I do not want to crib about service & quality for the rest of my EMI years. So, that leaves me only with two options: Suzuki Swift Hyundai Getz CRDi I test drove both the options. And mahn ---- does the Getz CRDi moooove. I'm head over heals with her performance and looks like I've made up my mind on it. Wanted to check for quick opinions, user experience, feedback etc. Thanks, Juggernaut (Bangalore)
  20. Just a trivia... The first Maybach owner, was put behind bars! Guess why? He was the owner of the Manikchand group - and gifted this car to his 18yr. old daughter (this is some 4 yrs ago)!!! IT raided his coffers & was put behind bars, 3 months after he gifted it to his daughter. Pheww...some people, I tell you ---- I'm sure his daughter would not have been able to tell the difference between a Contessa & C class. Let alone a Maybach! But, the irony of life is, the people who 'can' tell the difference, cannot afford one! Hahahahahahaaa...
  21. The current Maybach in India is priced at Rs 4.5 cr. This one will tip off Rs. 5 cr. for sure!! This is over a crore more than the Roller... But, the Roller is a different ball game altogether. The Roller is for feeling princely - someone who would want to feel like they have the royal blood flowing in them. Amar Singh, Jaipur Maharaja, Stud farm owners etc. But, the Maybach would make one feel like the high-flying honcho... head of a very successful business empire etc. Someone like the Ambani's or the Mittal's would suit this car better. I, for one, would suit best in a Honda City!!!
  22. Also, the boot is a two way set-up. It opens both, just the boot lid and along with the rear glass. That's what has made them compromise on the rear design. Personally, this feature is pretty useless. No one in this segmemt (25 lakh +) would want to feel like they are driving a hatch-back.
  23. I agree... they could have done a better job with the back. Anyway, the tail lights are a direct pick off the Jaguars!! Anyway, considering Skoda's parent company VW is struggling with the Passat in the same segment, they might not allow huge price advantage. They are looking at a lowering the Passta's price by a few lakhs of rupees in the coming months. That would make it under the 25 lakh segment. Which would mean, this Superb would have to be still lower!! Which is a good thing ---