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  1. Payeng, thanks for the nice video link. Teenz EV seems quite promising with the speed it is capable of 40 kmph is great (relatively speaking of course, since yo byke is only 25 kmph). Right. so its worth waiting for - at least to be able to compare. Thanks again And Im still curious about the other thing - hypothetical, but quite possible - what happens if the yo byke gets stolen? It doesnt have a registration number . Its a totally joyless situation... unless its got some hi-tech tracking system embedded or something, eh?
  2. I guess the on road and Ex showroom pricing wont have such a wide gap, and I need to know what the deal really is. I thought that yo byke is the only one around. I keep hearing that ace motors and eco-bike have a similar products but have never seen any on the road. Payeng gave a great hint. If tvs comes up with some battery powered scooterette, its definitely worth waiting to see what it could be. And now that I know, ive just got to wait and see it before checking out the yo byke any further. Thanks.
  3. Thats why Im in doubt. Autoindia (checked till may 2007) lists Yo Smart for about 25 and a half thousand. But visiting the Yo byke showroom I was told like 34000. I just wanted to know if they upgraded the product or something which may have caused the price to rise, or any other reason.
  4. Can someone please tell me what is the actual on road price of Yo Smart in Thane as on Sept. 6, 2007. Thanks a lot Secondly, Im told its upgraded from the first launch - like better tyres and the such. Is the bike any good? What happens if someone steals it when parked (since theres no registration and all). If anyone has any first hand experience of using this bike, please share.