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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Zal and I use to be an active member on ACI. Back then I was in New Zealand finishing of high school and hoping once I finish I will train and become a pilot. Fast forward a couple of years and I am a fully qualified Commercial Pilot (without a job) and I am now living in Melbourne Australia. I look forward to joining in discussions and see there are a lot of new members around. I shall also post some exclusive ownership reviews of the cars we have like our Toyota Aurion and Kia Forte.
  2. Yes that is correct. A should wait for B and the rest of the on coming traffic before A makes the turn. As A does not have right of way and is crossing other cars path.
  3. A. should have right of way. You have to give way to him.
  4. This bike is so cool looking. I wish they put a better engine than a 135cc.
  5. Zal D

    My Honda Dio

    Nice, Congrats Cyrus. Put some pics up after you get it.
  6. Hi I'm just wondering is it possible to put a turbo on my bike? Its a Yamaha 225cc, single cylinder, air cooled naked bike.
  7. Why would they make such a car? I wonder what they were smoking when the created this THING??
  8. I do hope that the Odyssey comes to India. But it would be at a high price.
  9. What about the Honda Odyssey? Thats a really cool MUV.
  10. In my colony people park their cars right on the sidewalk. Its kind of good that they are doing that, so cars can travel through the streets but do the have to park the car right on the sidewalk. I mean they could park on side on the road while the other half is in the sidewalk.
  11. This is a FZ6s. This is what that bike will look like. It will still be a 150cc
  12. This does look good. Just wish it comes in a two door....
  13. Its my first time doing this...