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  1. Welcome back Krace. Vibhor got banned... You can catch up with him on his forum.. If you want I can give you the address to the forum by PM.
  2. Well Zal now americans may not be like what you are saying..Its Recession time and its affecting the America most so now they are changing.. Ok forget about engine size , but trucks need to be big to be able to carry stuff and M&M pick up is too small for that...
  3. HAHAHA....Does M&M know what the American market is like?????? People want big trucks with 5-6 liter engines not girly little trucks with a small engine.
  4. I also like the bikes with the visor, but Classic sports bike look can't be beaten.
  5. Also the swift in Australia gets a 1.5 liter engine. I hope the Indian one get this engine too.
  6. I like what you have done to your bike. My bike front look is like that too...but its stock.
  7. Wear gloves and a lite jacket. If you get a motorbike jacket then that will be even better.
  8. Well here in nz most high ways are two lanes. One lane going and one coming. If you want to pass a car you have to go on the wrong side of the road. To do this we signal right to show we are moving in the right lane (on coming traffic) and once we finish we show left to show we are coming back in. It makes sense.
  9. IMO its wrong to flash right indicator while overtaking' date=' for the vehicle following its indicates a right turn. While most use this indication on Highways, but its a self devised method, I don't think it finds a place in the rule book![/quote']Anijog is correct about everything. It is not wrong, it is correct to show your right signal to show you are moving in the right lane and then to move back in your own lane you show your left signal. "MARINE DRIVE in MUMBAI, switch to parking LAMPS, my opinion." This is wrong. No matter how bright the road may be lit, at night always drive with your headlights on. Headlights are also to show other people you are on the road. Here in nz bike riders have their headlights on full time its to be noticed.
  10. Hey these look really cool. The last one is the best.
  11. This bike also has a reverse gear. I can't see how one can ride something so big. Its weight must be 400kg.
  12. I thought the Ecro IV norms are coming in 2009 for the main cities?
  13. It comes to Aust/nz and its called Honda Accord Euro. So if it comes to india it should be called the same. We are looking to buy one. It is very good.
  14. Great pics. I just hope those mighty trucks don't looks like this.....
  15. Its for a reason!!! The red light at the back placed in the right hand revrse light is the rear fog light. It is placed there because India is RHD. So when you are driving in a fog behind the car in front with the rear fog lights on the light "beam" is directed in the drivers eye..(well not in the drivers eye but you know what I mean). In euro its on the LHS.
  16. It also looks like on the euro nano it has front disc brakes..
  17. The headlight are of a Truck(pick up) that Mitsubishi used to make. And rear tail lights are of the Challenger/Montero sport but the have put white and round lights same with front.
  18. Ah very nice eye candy... So good to see a nicely kept LHD CHEVY....
  19. This bike looks cool and I quite like it. If someone is wanting a cool looking FZ16 they will go for this...I know I would
  20. I know it comes in a different league but I feel RE is over rated. The bike comes with a big engine but look at the power is gives. Thats my only problem with it.
  21. What are impressed about? The thunderbird twinspark has only 20 ps The p220 has 20 ps. Zal D2009-03-04 11:11:28
  22. The outside of this car looks good. I looks like the concept which I like the most about it. The rear tail lights look ugly and cheap.
  23. Good review buddy. Do you think its better than p150?