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  1. Official RACING GAMES thread.

    I have Driver 4 Gran Turismo 4 and 3 NFS underground 2 Call of duty 2
  2. Color n why ??

    New Subaru Forester..............
  3. Color n why ??

    Hey Vibhor the pic you have posted is the face lifted model. The new Forester is bigger and much better looking. But they got rid of the frameless doors/side windows
  4. Yamaha R125

    Here are some pics Enjoy!!!
  5. Color n why ??

    Have you seen the new Subaru Forester?
  6. importin second hand cars

    Thanks. Its a shame India has made all these rules about importing cars. But what about exporting a car to another country? Any rules on that?
  7. Color n why ??

    I have a RED colored Mitsubishi Galant and a RED colored Subaru Forester. Why are they both red? Reds my fav color.
  8. Bombay Fiat taxi's

    I really like those Fiats and would like to restore one to mint condition. Believe or not they are classic cars and people in foreign countries would pay quite a bit for them. So ya, i guess i do want one
  9. importin second hand cars

    I want import a classic 1970's Chevrolet Corvette to India. It will be LHD. Will I be able to import it?
  10. Cars 4 cops

  11. Cars 4 cops

    In Australia and New Zealand they use the Holden Commodore, which is an Australian car.
  12. The New Suzuki SX4 All Wheel Drive

    The SX4 is just a hatch with a bit more hight and AWD. Its finally a car nothing more. It also comes with a 1.6 liter engine and 2WD.
  13. How many cylinders does the petrol engine have?
  14. I have this bike. It is made by Yamaha Indonesia. You also get it in New Zealand and Australia. In Indonesia it is sold for Rp. 19,485,000 which comes to 87,892 rupees. It has 19 PS at 8000rpm. It comes in three colors blue, black and red. And for some reason only the red colored one comes with black alloy wheels, which i'm trying to get on mine. This bike looks like a Yamaha XJR1300 which has a 1300cc engine. It would be nice if this bike comes to India but i dont think it will. Its got good features like mono-shock and a dry weight of only 124kg but it doesnt have things like dig speedo, stuff you would find on the R15. The handles very well.
  15. What kind of engine does the M&M Axe have?
  16. It looks so cool. Check out the headlights. Its been totally pimped!!
  17. I understand that but, i cant see why they dont sell it under its orginal brand name.
  18. bikes for the cops !

    I think the Hero Honda Karizma will be a good bike, but it may need to be tuned so it has better performance. Where i come from the cops have BMW touring bikes.
  19. Fiat 1100 D: Hood Scoop...

    I think the car should be kept stock. Where i come from they would be worth quite a bit since it is a classic car.
  20. The Mitsubishi Outlander coming to India will only get a small 2.4 liter engine. We get a 3.0 liter V6.
  21. I think India should get Mitsubishi's I-car. Its like the Nano but with much more features.
  22. Which is the Fastest Bike?

    Hi, by what i know the Karizma comes in last place in top speed and the pulsar 220 is second place. The R15 has a top speed of around 140kph+.
  23. Sad to say this but all Chevrolet's that are sold in India are FAKE!!!! They are actually all rebadged Daewoo's. But the Tavera is a Isuzu Panther.