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  1. Royal Enfield's Thunderbird Twinspark

    What are impressed about? The thunderbird twinspark has only 20 ps The p220 has 20 ps. Zal D2009-03-04 11:11:28
  2. 2010 Chevy Spark

    The outside of this car looks good. I looks like the concept which I like the most about it. The rear tail lights look ugly and cheap.
  3. TD of SUZUKI GS 150R

    Good review buddy. Do you think its better than p150?
  4. Hey guys DO NOT DOWN SHIFT WITHOUT USING THE CLUTCH. It will damage your gear box. Up shifting is ok without clutch.
  5. Nano bookings from Feb end.

    "Tata plans to sell this limited number to celebrities" Am I reading this right?? Which celebrities will want to buy a Nano?? Anyways Nano is being delayed too much... Zal D2009-02-26 08:19:45
  6. Hey Vibhor here an idea..why don't you do the mod in photoshop and then we can have a look at it. But I also feel it looks better stock.
  7. This CBR looks different from the one we get in Aust/nz and doesn't look that great. Or is this the new CBR?
  8. Yup this is the new facelifted Civic. The rear tail lights look better than the round ones..
  9. New Accord V6

    Ya the 3.5 engine is great. We get it here and what it does is it cuts out cylinders. So when 6 cyl arent needed it will run on 4 cyl and when 4 arent needed it will run on 3 cyl. This will be good for highway driving at constant speeds but in city it will be running on all 6.
  10. What all did you do today?

    Well today me and my dad went and TDed the all new Volvo XC60. Its great. So many great safety features. Lets say you are driving behind a car and it brakes!!! Well depending how close you are the XC60 will brake automatically. Isn't that great...If you brake harder..lets say something comes in your way and you slam the brakes then they flash at X amount per second(not sure of the number). But theses are just a few features to name
  11. Wow...thats really bad.... But as car prices have gone up, companies are doing here they are giving the Acura N model of the tsx for $700 more rather than $3000 more than the Tsx L
  12. Oxymoron:Buy diesel cars to save money

    Great dude. I have always been a fan of petrol cars.
  13. Differences between Scooters and Bike

    Well I am sure this isn't the case in India, but here in Aust/nz if you have a motorbike license and male and ride a scooter...its kind of girl-ie and you might be looked upon as a sissy boy.. Your legs on a bike are apart as in either side of the bike, while on a scooter they are to together.
  14. Toyota Fortuner: Now Launched

    Don't you guys think for India a 3 liter engine will be too big?
  15. The Official Scale Models Thread

    Ya stock rims look better
  16. Honda Activa Makeover!

    The new activa really looks nice. I feel the wheels on the activa in that pic make it really sporty.
  17. GM to launch Pick-Up trucks in India!

    So are they just going to rebadge chinese cars/trucks?
  18. Auto Show 2009 - Portland

    Dude your so lucky!!! I mean you get to see great cars...esp those American one, which I love and at the same time you get to live in favorite country!!!! So you driving a car there??
  19. The Best Offroader Available in India

    I dont like the pajero as its so old and the color combo of white and the color you choose is just ugly. I rather go for the new montero which is a pajero.
  20. Two cylinder or Single cylinder bikes?

    well I also go for 2 cylinders but only if the bike is 250 to 500cc range. Otherwise I will go with 4 cylinders.
  21. Suzuki Swift SR4

    No ordinary Swift! The 17
  22. Yes we also have this one here. But I still like the american one better.
  23. This is the rear end of the american civic. Don't think it will look like that. This rear end of cvic is the one we get in nz/india. the lights are same but have a bit of an angle to them (tail/brake lights) rather than being round. Zal D2009-02-06 08:09:52
  24. Michelin's Spectacular Breakthrough

    They look ugly. I think they should have a side wall. Can't see many people putting these on their car.