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  1. SUZUKI SX4 Hatch ?

    The Sx4 in the picture over here is not a cross over but has AWD and a little height. Sx4 hatch also comes in normal height as Sx4 sedan.
  2. The Worst Dashboard in Indian Car

    Crv dashboard looks very ugly. I dont like that there is no center console.
  3. AUTOCAR Young Driver 09-3rd Round list up

    Hi there, I am also facing the same prob.... Can anyone help...please

    This bike also has AIRBAGS, ABS. its a inline 6 cyld engine. This really isn't a bike its a car on two wheels....
  5. They look like some car out of one of those movies set in the future
  6. Automobile Waiting Lists in the 1960-70's

    So what would be the price of that fiat in the above pic today?
  7. Autocar India Forum member's birthdays!!

    Hey DD have a great day and HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  8. From 2010, 'baby seats' will be compulsory in cars

    Great India is really coming along
  9. the i30 is a great looking car. A person down the road has one and it really looks nice. Does anyone know if the i30 also comes as a sedan?
  10. Sharper Styling The most apparent change is the sharper, more aggressive new styling. The curved lines of the original ER-6n
  11. 2009 Kawasaki ER-6N

    Ya this bike is like FZ6-N. But FZ6-N has 4 cyldand this has two, but power is about the same and I like the looks better of this one and its a little bit cheaper as well.
  12. Euro 4 cars!

    Yes that will be good. Well here in nz only two air bags are compulsory but they show ads which show how safe a car is with side air bags and so on so now every car maker gives them no matter what spec the car is. ABS, ESP, EBD is standard here.
  13. Tata Aria, now launched pg10

    As CC said this does look like the indicruz. Its looking good, I just hope it will do better than the Xylo.
  14. 2009 Kawasaki ER-6N

    Hey guys so here are the pics. what do you think of this bike? I think there should be more bikes like these in India rather than R1's and so on which you can't really ride in India. Zal D2009-01-21 22:15:06
  15. Who is going to buy a Ducati in India? Where are you even going to ride it?? These race bikes need to be at high RPM to cool down better. These engines will burn out.
  16. Hi guys, I was just wondering what is horsepower (I know its the unit of power) but how much is 1 HP. Lets say you increase your bikes HP from 19 to 20 Hp, now is that a considerable amount?.....would you feel any difference in the performance etc?
  17. Hyundai expanding its i-range

    Well i30 here in Aust/nz come with a 2 liter engine so in India it might come with something in the 1.5-1.8 liter range. But I do hope India gets the 2 liter one too.
  18. delhi yamaha showroom

    Nice pics dude. The XJR is looking nice.
  19. Yamaha Fazer 250

    Yes I have seen CBR250 but they are all 90' they used to make them but I think they don't make them anymore. I think CBR150 is ugly
  20. a small modification done on unicorn

    Ya it looks great. At the moment i just have a small 225cc and the seat is like on most bikes and the problem is that when i have a passenger and change gear or break and the passenger isnt holding anything their helmet bumps into mine. So having a higher rear seat is good.
  21. Yamaha Fazer 250

    I dont think there is a cbr250 they only have cbr125 and 150.
  22. communication

    This is a car forum not adult dating site/forum!
  23. The Official THREE WORD THREAD.

    which is BOMBAY
  24. Yamaha Fazer 250

    That bike is not CBX! Its a CBF 250. I was going to buy this bike but the I didn't feel it was worth it spendind $5000 for it.