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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm Zal and I use to be an active member on ACI. Back then I was in New Zealand finishing of high school and hoping once I finish I will train and become a pilot. Fast forward a couple of years and I am a fully qualified Commercial Pilot (without a jobsmiley18.gif) and I am now living in Melbourne Australia.

    I look forward to joining in discussions and see there are a lot of new members around.

    I shall also post some exclusive ownership reviews of the cars we have like our Toyota Aurion and Kia Forte.

  2. Please answer this query--

    When the car is parked on the road shoulder at dark places (during night)' date=' which of these should be turned ON--

             1. Hazard Lamps (All Indicator Lamps keep on blinking) or

             2. Parking Lamps (the small 3.4W bulbs inside or near the Headlight Assembly)?

    Since none answered it yet, I posted it again.


    Either one will be alright. I would say have both on.

  3. In my colony people park their cars right on the sidewalk. Its kind of good that they are doing that, so cars can travel through the streets but do the have to park the car right on the sidewalk. I mean they could park on side on the road while the other half is in the sidewalk.  

  4. You get disc locks, but these will be quite a bit, so get a pad lock and put it through any hole in the front disc. If someone steals your bike, they will get a lovely supprisesmiley36.gif. Just make sure you aren't the one getting the knock.

    Only problem with this is that your disc and shock will get damaged...