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  1. Hi, Tezpur is in Assam. The land of tea.But currently I am posted in Westbengal, in the foothills of himalayas near Darjeeling.The gypsy was once top overhauled as our terrain requires a lot of high reving and running on 4X4 during the moonsoon. Spares are not a problem here or in Assam all the Maruti Autorised Garages stock them. So you always get genuine spares.
  2. 1. the gear lever invariably comes to the neutral position everytime you change gear. 2.the mechanism of the gear box does not require a brief pause between shifts. 3.while up shifting it is advisable to change gear progresively. while down shifting the syncromesh gear allows to change as you wish. it is safer and good for the gear box if you shhift from 5th to 1st when you brake and then accelerate.
  3. Best of Luck on your search. I can very well understand your love for gypsy. Iam using a gypsy for the last nine years. can't think of life without it as i work in tea garden.
  4. I work in a tea garden, here most of the work is done on a have to go around the tea estate to supervise the various work going on. There are no tarmac roads inside the estate. You have to traverse thruogh muddy patches, rock stewn paths , steep incline. In short a complete dirt biking path. Can anybody suggets the best bike for this kind of a terrain. Currently i am using a TVS Victor which is on is last leg after on road for a year.
  5. There are plenty of Gypsy availiable in around hill stations. One good place is Siliguri and darjeeling but the place will be far away from you. The tea gardens there have only gypsy.