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  1. Hey it's not THAT bad yaar. Looks very Peugeot-ish to me. It does have identical geometry to the Auto Rickshaw, but then if you do not compare it that way it's pretty fine. They even gave a rear hatch. It's just a prototype, they can always improve on quality. Green & black looks better and I think they borrowed from Nano a lot, especially the centre console. Even if it is priced at par with the Nano, it will sell. It won't sell well as a modern Auto Rickshaw though as existing Auto drivers would have to enroll into training schools for this. Good thing is that they're not bringing a Chinese car & transferring half the profits to China. This is a commendable effort & if an experienced company like Mahindra can bring out an ugly vehicle like Gio, Bajaj might well be pardoned. By the way, Gio still looks the worst. RE60's front looks promising in green & black. They should rework on the bumpers a little. khatbhej2012-01-30 16:29:22
  2. That's what my friend did. Personally, I asked him to stretch his budget a little and go for Fluence..
  3. One of my friends with a budget of 10L got a manza diesel top model and is very happy. He got the comfort he was looking for and also saved a lot of money. He checked out the new fiesta & vento but didnt like them.
  4. An 8-year old obsolete model. Even digital mileage reading can be tampered with. Condition is/seems good because the owner is going to sell it. Mileage will be below 6 since it is an automatic. Looking back from today, it rather looks like a Chinese clone of a C-class. You will face huge problems with price & availability of spares. Just made a search and found something. See by how much your seller's car is overpriced.
  5. It looks extremely ugly. Tata Xenon looks far better.
  6. Diesel sales are more than petrol sales for obvious reasons.
  7. XUV500 sales in the month of introduction is 76.6% higher than Aria sales in the month of introduction (505 against 286). It is also 90.2% of the highest ever monthly sales made by Aria (505 against 560), that too after the recent price readjustment. Tata Aria is doomed. I think Beat is eating more shares of Spark than its rivals (Spark buyers seem to be shifting to Beat). In other words, most of the Beat buyers are probably the ones who particularly want a Chevy hatchback. Very sad to see the condition of Fiat. Its only selling a handful of cars, like a boutique shop. Fiesta Classic sales have increased since the introduction of New Fiesta. I'm predicting sales of Yeti for October to be around 30. Does anyone have the sales figure for Force One? khatbhej2011-10-07 06:59:47
  8. Dude you must wait for the civilian version of Mahindra Axe
  9. Are you guys serious? So near is the launch and there's no decent photo of the 500? I have a feeling it won't be launched in September. Possibly the India-SA launch is what's going to happen.
  10. Another problem with us Indians is that we fit a spoiler here and a couple of fog-lights & alloys there and we call our cars modified. Maybe this is one reason why we gossip about meagre changes in new models. Chrome strips, minor headlamp alterations and body graphics are huge news to us. For example, the new Swift is nothing to write pages upon. Yet, more has been written on that car than Abhinav Bindra. The car companies take advantage of this mentality and make c****yas out of us. All these new edition, limited edition, celebration edition and crystal edition cars, they are a bunch of stock clearance crap with a little more make-up. IMO, the only good thing that happened to Indian auto media was the Tata Nano. The whole world was craving for news that we had first-hand. khatbhej2011-09-18 07:47:16
  11. I'm seriously worried about Toyota & Honda's future, globally.
  12. Although the article says Innova, my guess is that it will be pitted against the Wuling cars soon to come.
  13. i'm sure we'll eventually hold on to just 500 and pronounce it as "five hundred". IMO, X for Generation X UV for Utility Vehicles 5 for this being the fifth car in their line-up (other four being Bolero, Scorpio, Xylo & Verito) 00 for style and to signify that this is the first car of the new series. Hence subsequently we can expect cars named 501, 502, etc. Personally I feel they might like to call it the Mahindra 5 Series.. Lol
  14. @Durango Dude: We don't know for sure which one is the Rapid. The very first pic has a mean car, 2nd pic looks like a Laura CS (lol) and third one is nothing that we wont lose in the crowd. IMO the new design code adopted by VW post the Scirocco has put it ahead of Skoda.