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  1. Source: (DWS Auto) Hindustan Motors (HM) is planning to launch an all-new Ambassador this year with a lot of contemporary features. According to an Economic Times article, HM has been working on revamping the model since December 2010. The new Ambassador will shed the sloping bonnet and instead have an aerodynamically chiseled out hood. The boot will also feature integrated tail lamps and the car will also sport alloy wheels. In fact, speculations suggest that the new Ambassador will look a lot like the Maruti Swift, including the swept back headlamps design. For the first time, the Ambassador will have an integrated music system, and new leather seating with wood grain interiors. Despite the modern touches, HM assures that the Ambassador will continue to be a car known for its dependability, spaciousness and comfort. Confirming the news about the Amby makeover, HM Managing Director Manoj Jha told Economic Times,
  2. I was looking for the culprit behind the pathetic design of Mahindra Mojo when I found this company called Engines Engineering Design Centre in an article. On their official website, Engine Engineering's list of customers includes TVS and contains 2 blurred-out images. One looks like a chunky naked bike a-la the FZ-S while the other looks like the R-15. The images are blurred-out probably because TVS has not officially announced these bikes, or maybe because they are just concepts and not concrete plans. Interestingly, the website contains no information of Mahindra, which means that their TVS project is older than Mahindra Mojo. Thus there are chances of these 2 bikes being at an advanced stage of development right now. Here are the images. The URL of the second image hints that the bike might be called TVS Carena Source: khatbhej2011-08-11 22:02:20
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  4. Force is definitely a good company, but then Gurkha is one story and Force One is different altogether. In very loose terms, people don't fall for a girl for her "sizes", but her beauty instead. Similarly, a car has to make a buyer fall in love with it, or else it's going to be a commercial vehicle. This car has got the looks only a mother could love. When its not a looker, hi-fi specs don't mean much at least in this price range, because people want to buy something that screams "I'm fu**ing expensive". Why else do you think Audi's new style statement (big grille & DRLs) instantly gave it a huge lift? Licensing an old Merc engine doesn't impress me much, nor does the new chassis. They never made passenger cars, hence all that research over the chassis & suspension. That definitely promises a car which rides better than Gurkha, but how does that gurantee a car better than one in the same price bracket? If it is indeed priced at 12L as rumored, even you will prefer an Aria or W201. Come on be frank Posting some interior pictures of Force One from Please judge them yourself. khatbhej2011-08-11 19:09:56
  5. Source: Post the mini Xylo and the sub- 4 meter Verito, Mahindra will bring out a Nano SUV priced between 3.5-4.5 lakh rupees, Business Standard has reported. Designing a car that
  6. First 3 pictures by dr nishu are of Wuling Hong Guang. 4th one is definitely of another car. It is a beautiful car. Hi-res pics here khatbhej2011-08-05 18:11:24
  7. The picture on page 1 by esteem is of Wuling Hongtu The pics posted by dr nishu seem to be of 2 different cars. 3rd & 4th pic might be of Hongtu, while 1st & 2nd are definitely of another car. I'l find out that car later. khatbhej2011-08-05 17:53:37
  8. Just in case BMW's Aurangabad miracle happens with Tata, perhaps
  9. Somehow I still feel it should start from 6L. It also takes a great deal of brand value to command a price. With Mahindra & Tata around I think it's going to have a tough time. Sonalika Rhino couldn't compete with either the Tavera or the Xylo. If there's a sudden urge to make it big overnight, it's destined to fail. Scorpio was launched at just 6L, unbelievable for a car with suck looks & size. Scorpio, Safari & Innova buyers would never dare to experiment with a Force SUV. There are hundreds of examples of such failures. Aria, Forester, Terracan, Santa Fe, etc etc. Well about your pics, especially the 2nd one, I'd say that's something un-Dzired by every car owner
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  11. This colour looks sinfully hot on the Nano, but not so on the vista. Its looking more like a taxi, this one. Manza CS is a wonderful idea! CS is one of the least-explored areas from Tata. When they changed the indigo headlamps to the twin-barrel design, I was expecting it on the CS too. CS has not been updated on a regular basis. If this is indeed CS Manza, it would crack-open a new segment - luxury compact sedan. Haha. I really wish someone at Tata sees this. Just these headlamps & grille alone would make a great difference. They resemble the newer i10's though. Posts merged. BornFree2011-08-03 17:06:31
  12. Considering that it's a Chinese product from one of the companies least expected in this segment, I would say if its not starting from 6 lakhs, its asking for too much. It has to follow the path of Scorpio IMO, or else be ready to receive a chilling cold reception.
  13. Great car and great pictures. Personally, I think Anand Mahindra is a big fan of the Xylo headlights. Almost everything has been altered for this car but they spared the headlights, probably on his special orders.
  14. IMO the design of Aria is also a good effort. Tata is evolving right now. They have never really made cars with nice stylish curves. Aria is their best try so far. Even their concept cars do not have smooth and complete body design, namely the Aria coupe & Xover (on which the 2010 Aria is based). Its only the pr1ma that looks good, which is rather a Jaguar clone. You have to admit the applausable transformation from the Xover concept to the final Aria. Xover something only a mother could love. For those who haven't seen the car, here it is: The main problem according to me is the pricing strategy, which isn't their fault either. They want to give their brand image a push like the successful Hyundai, hence the quality improvements & higher prices. I wish them best luck and hope they find a balance soon. khatbhej2011-08-03 10:19:01
  15. This is the ugliest car I've seen in a long time. It looks like it belongs to the time of the Flop-in-India 1st generation Grand Vitara
  16. In a selectively mild vocabulary, it will be encouraged if you talk less of vipul and more of the car itself.
  17. Please close this thread moderators. I'm sure nobody is interested in so much details. khatbhej2011-08-02 19:54:33
  18. IMO, Nano flutter in the US was just for the buzz that there's actually a $2000 car that works. I dont think there'll be many serious buyers for the Nano over there..
  19. Touche, and I don't think Maruti Alto and this old Tata indica are eyeing the US market.
  20. I regret tsivipul's condition and wish him fast recovery, but MODS, is it ok to run a thread like this in this section?Considering the content I'm sure tsivipul wouldn't like it either after he comes back and sees this. khatbhej2011-07-31 13:11:14
  21. Doesn't it look like an ugly alien?
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