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  1. How come the two pictures look entirely different? Which one is Tata Dolphin? First pic looks really good though.
  2. It looks extremely disgusting and will lead to a further decline in its sales if the existing model is not sold alongside this one. Absolutely uninviting design as the rear seems to have no synchronization with the front now. It seems more like the job of a mason than an automobile engineer. I sincerely hope that they edit the front too to make the rear look less unacceptable.
  3. Its just beautiful. Any idea how is the rear like. Probably the second best looking skoda after superb.
  4. Somehow, to me it looks cute. I think the backlight has also been redesigned. With those large headlights and tiny rear, its looking rather sporty. Only if the roof had a slope at the back..
  5. Even the "New thinking new possibilities" ad featuring Shaan seems to be a patch-up job. I mean come on, that music sounds like its been made pointing a gun at the composer at the last minute. Clearly, the ad is not Indian, just Shaan's bit is.
  6. Take 1 Skoda Fabia's front, 1 Honda Accord's grille and 1 Dzire's rear. Mix and weld throughly. Voila, Nissan Versa! The last time I had seen such a dead and pale interior was in Maruti Alto. And I feel Playstation controls look and feel better than those steering controls. I mean seriously, interiors are ugly as hell. A monochromatic grey interior with chrome-plated door latches and glossy plastic controls? And what's with the roundness hangover at the AC console? Maybe they want to remind us of mother earth and her plights in the midst of tsunamis and urbanisation. Maybe they took the design from the frog prince forever waiting for a girl to kiss him. Or maybe they simply made it ugly to deter us from switching on the AC, thereby reducing global warming and saving precious fuel. I believe it should be priced in the 6-8 lakhs range, although personally 8 seems to be on the higher side considering its looks and other options at this price. khatbhej2011-04-25 02:15:56
  7. When is this car going to be in the streets? Tata could launch it in Auto Expo '11 if things were to be so delayed!!!
  8. Its very i20-ish from the front. Weird car. I would give it a big zero. If suzuki realised a bigger car was needed, why didnt it maek a brand new car as this one doesn't share any parts with the last gen?
  9. Isnt that the Polo bumper? Fabia to be priced lower than the Polo? I'm sure Fabia owners are pulling their hair already..
  10. Whats the point.. Thanks to HM, AfSS and brand image have been tarnished.
  11. I believe they are just testing the export model in india..
  12. Umm, well volvo sells rear-facing child seats, so I guess it is quite normal.. What if a mother is driving with her infant?
  13. @ everybody : I have been too lazy to update anything on the car, sorry Note from MOD: Please refrain from frivolous posts. sgiitk2010-01-18 09:08:54
  14. Airbag needs to be off when a child seat is installed (rear-facing), hence the switch on the left side of the dashboard. What i dont understand is even when the airbag switch is "on" it says "passenger airbag off" when the ignition is switched on.
  15. Great news then . Wish you the very best of luck!
  16. Pancham19, Mukesh Hyundai is the only Elite Dealer of Hyundai in Kolkata. Other are Authorised Dealers. Now i dont know how that makes a difference, but then we got our Accent back in 2003 from them. So we didnt go to another dealer this time either. But anyways, you can buy it from anyone you wish. SAINI Hyundai is also quite popular among buyers. It all depends on where you are staying. Please do update about your plans. By the way, will this be your first car? Or your first Hyundai? khatbhej2009-11-19 14:12:15
  17. Nice information creativebala, but why does it have a classic key attached to the unit? What is the unit's key used for then? Do they both serve the same purpose?
  18. Durango Dude, i have noticed in our scorpio that if I unlock the car and open the rear door, it locks the other four doors automatically after say 30 seconds. I think this button is to prevent locking temporarily till the hatch is shut. I think so as there's a pic of the rear hatch above the button. Still, I will try it out.
  19. Thanks a lot sb-alto . i will follow your advice. I have no idea asethi919, but thankfully Hyundai has followed the normal tradition and gave us a spare unit too, in case we lose one
  20. Ok everybody here is the beautiful stylish key of the i20. Take a look The unit has the key and remote lock integrated into one. There are the regular lock and unlock buttons. I havent figured out yet what the "hold" button is for, but will soon find out. The metal circular button is for ejecting the key as well as folding it back to its place. Pretty neat and funky! However, compared to the remote lock and key set we had for the Accent, this one is a bit fat, though not too big.
  21. yes durango dude you have reminded an awesome thing. i will surely post the pics of the key tomorrow.
  22. I really pray for so, since i20 is an export model from Hyundai India