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  1. Frankly speaking i didnt try that yet, but i can tell you one thing. Driving in the i20 will be really tough because even after adjusting the seat to maximum height, you still get to see nothing through the windscreen except for one inch of metal. You cannot estimate the corners of the front or even the extent of the bonnet. It will all be pure assumption
  2. No BornFree, so far i havent noticed any FE meter there. The tripmeter doubles up as the music system display when switched on, but i havent seen anything more. I dont think there is one. Thanks for your compliment, i will post more detailed pics..
  3. Retracting handle bars on all 3 passenger doors. Accent's ones werent retractable, but they never looked messy or hit anyone in the head. Sad omission of vanity mirror on the passenger side sun-guard. Will miss it.
  4. The gear is "hugged" by the centre console, just like the i10. However, the gear lever is at its usual position, not moved forward. Notice the curvaceous lines of the dashboard and the brown and beige colour combination. Looks great. The gear lever and centre console together hold a storage space, AUX and USB ports, a cigarette lighter and a CD compartment. Here are the pics: khatbhej2009-11-18 16:42:42
  5. The centre console. The tripmeter is just above this console and a mild reflection of the glowing tripmeter can be seen. The centre AC vents are integrated neatly into the console. Notice that there are two small screens in the console , one on top for seatbelt and airbag indicators, and one at the bottom for the AC. Also note two things : 1) The DARK button. It switches off the tripmeter if it is distracting for the driver. Pressing it again switches it back on. Neat. 2) The driver seatbelt warning. Why here again? If the argument is that it shows warnings for all 4 seatbelts and 2 airbags, then why again on instrument cluster? I think this is a goof-up from Hyundai's part. Here are more pictures: khatbhej2009-11-18 16:16:04
  6. Thanks everybody for your best wishes. Me and dad left the next morning. And dad isnt back yet. After he comes, the car will be blessed in the temple and then the car will be on road. He will be back day after tomorrow. Ok the first set of pictures are here. Interiors for now. Beautiful red back-lit instrument cluster. Although I think white would have been brighter. The fuel meter and the speedometer. Note the battery indicator, driver seatbelt indicator and the EPS (Electronic Power Steering). At first i thought it was ESP (and was shocked that i never knew i20 had it). The rpm-meter and the temperature meter. note the one of the many scratches on the instrument cluster glass just above parking brake signal. Considering that this car was only brought from dealer to home, i could not understand why it has so many scratches there. This is a dedicated tripmeter, just on top of the central console where the digital clock sits in the Hyundai Accent. It has two tripmeters, outside temperature, date and time. i could not understand what the information on top of tripmeter A suggests though.
  7. Finally got the car guys. Thanks for your well wishes. We'll be out of town till monday, so i will upload more pictures on tuesday. We didnt opt for any customised number. We'll accept what we get. At least the car is here!!! khatbhej2009-11-13 14:06:07
  8. First of all its not even in china, the license plates clearly indicate the car was caught in germany. These days the media has this habit of attributing everything to china, be it tension in the indian border or new car being tested. Coming to the point, I think this will indeed become the aveo hatchback. Edit: post edited Note from moderator: Your posts are good but please use Capital letters where required. BornFree2009-11-12 18:17:27
  9. in my opinion black in linea looks extra specia, especially with those artistically sculpted tail-lights and alloys. it looks so much more expensive than the the linea of other colours. and that yellow outlander, coupled with colourless headlights and tail-lights, looks extra special.
  10. ya even i feel so FRG, can i approach directly to the registration office and ask for the charges, or do i need a dalal all the time? i mean do you have any idea?
  11. thanks arreddyy & FRG. our accent has a no. plate of WBXXX5269. For our i20, we want to have a number with the same four numbers at the end. we spoke to hyundai (since registration ka jhanjhat they will handle) and they said that it will require a ridiculous 50,000. i mean what the heck, its not even a VIP number! does anyone have any idea if it needs 10rs to skip each number?
  12. bala, punto has a pathetic dashboard, only better than the polo. ac vents and central console are so old-fashined. even a-star has a better dashboard than the punto. the first thing to make you comfortable in a car is its interiors. if a car is beautiful inside and performs average you can live with it. but if a car has a bad interior you will always feel you have compromised. figo's FE shudnt be bad and post sales service of ford will improve with figo's launch. my suggestion is that you wait for figo.
  13. by the way, we experimented quite a bit with colours. first we had a red accent viva. then we had a black scorpio which we sold off and got a brown scorpio (m-hawk). now the red accent is going to make way for the white i20
  14. i dont think so, because these two are in different leagues.
  15. you havent seen champagne biege or black linea and yellow outlander then. to me maroon looks the most irritating in a car.. i hate maroon linea, maroon wagon r, maroon manza, and everything maroon. every colour has a character. silver - for corporate red/blue/yellow - youth/energetic white - elegance in simplicity black - so much like white, but just as much the opposite. sophisticated, but simple. orange/green - give very different impressions from car to car. eg. orange in swift and sumo grande, green in santro and xylo. pink - LGBT icon
  16. Thanks bluesapphire & sb-alto, I'll post pics asap. Note From Mod: Post edited for proper capitalization & pronunciation. FuelRunGod2009-11-12 07:12:56
  17. black rims look great but the reason why its not looking good is because the spokes are too small and fat. remember decepticon barricade? loved those rims...... khatbhej2009-11-11 17:29:38
  18. the car has come to the dealer this morning. it will be registered and delivered within 2 days. cant wait to lay my hands on the cute little thing
  19. cars bought in january are almost always made in the preceding year.
  20. wow the front looks stunning in flesh! grille is very i20-is. wish that biker had made way for us to have a look at the interior.. but stunning scoop. khatbhej2009-11-11 11:39:22
  21. sb-alto, nano europa is bigger, better built, more powerful and safer than the nano. it has a 3 cylinder engine with 5-speed gearbox. it also has ABS, airbags and ESP.
  22. ya mukesh hyundai is at kazi nazrul islam avenue (baguiati-keshtapur, near airport. it is sometimes very notorious with after sales service.
  23. actully these modifications could be served as new variants atop the existing ones. that way the customers would have had choices to make. lets not forget nano is a replacement for a bike (at least ratan tata's vision was), so the storage space in nano is anyways far more than that of the bike. so hatch or no hatch, the customers should get to decide. keeping the base variant close to a lakh, i dont mind the top variant pushing into a-star territory. because nano is not only the dream of a lower middle class man, but every rich man too wishes to possess one. and by the way, mr. tata must bring the nano europa here when it launches. it will topple polo, i10 and maybe even eat shares of base i20. or am i dreaming too much?
  24. thanks FRG. now i know why the website wouldn't load sometimes.