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  1. my father booked a white i20 asta 1.2 AGES ago, and apparently due to the floods in south india the car wasnt coming. lots of false promises, lots of missed dates, and i think the car is FINALLY coming to the dealer tonight. wanted to create this thread since a really long time but didnt as they were constantly playing hide and seek with us. Dealer: Mukesh Hyundai, Kolkata. anyways, i am really excited
  2. i have to make a confession. these days t-bhp creates most of the new threads earlier. i see them here later. and why is the autocar homepage still showing rio? no new news in almost 15 days?
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    cant anyone understand he said it sarcastically? but spirax i've been noticing that you are quite rude. when you are on a public forum you have to be polite. coz you need the forum, not the other way round.
  4. in my opinion any sedan of today's time is more comfortable than cielo. it might just be your nostalgia. our suggestion depends on your budget.
  6. off late, buying nokia has also become a bhed chal. nokia after sales service has become so much poor. and their handsets hang everyday as if they need a meditation time. anyways, i agree with vish. buying a honda is indeed a bhed chal. none of their cars are vfm. jazz at 8 lakhs? i would rather buy an sx4. honda is a wise decision for certain class of people. but the word has spread so much that people often make sacrifices to get a honda, thinking that they have done an amazing job. ultimately, other brands suffer and such buyers end up shelling more than they should have.
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    imo suzuki totally messed up kizashi too.
  8. we are selling our 2003 accent and getting an i20 this month. so from my personal experience, i suggest that you stay away from such old cars altogether. regardless of the brand, you will have to spend a lot to make an old car feel right and stay ok. unless its a classic or vintage, its not worth it. khatbhej2009-10-20 17:07:59
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    so right you are friend. what a beautiful a-star concept car we had there. it made us proud that indians came up with such a cool car. and look at the disgusting production vehicle. no offences, its looks are subjective, but nowhere close to the concept.
  10. @ vish sethi who says nano's safety has a big question mark? for those who put this mark, there was a report that nano has passed stringent crash tests with flying colours. since the question of abarth comes, obviously indian nano is out of the picture. thats why the image is of nano europa. so naturally it means tougher body, abs, airbags, etc. which are basic parameters there. but the good question has been raised by bala. even i wonder if the cute little nano will be able to cope up with abarth treatment. because is a cheap vehicle to take from a to b (same story for europe too). thus for abarth, only the car will look like nano from outside. everything has to be different.
  11. i am not sure about driver-side speedo console, but i'm pretty much sure abs, airbags and steering-mounted controls will make way to vista pretty soon. by the way, i love the vista headlights more than the manza. that huge indicator strip on the vista headlight is stunning. manza lacks it
  12. @ rahul are you sure its coming to india this soon (2010)? i read sometime back that maruti is trying hard to improve its brand value to be able to handle the launch of kizashi in late 2011 or early 2012... nevertheless, great information.
  13. front looks like the latest fiat siena sold in some countries. i wonder why fiat didnt update the siena apart from launching the linea. i believe that could give people a cheaper fiat sedan..
  14. congratulations ramesh babu for being happy with the decision on your car
  15. the kizashi design has evolved from "is it really a suzuki" to "just another suzuki". the first concept was simply stunning. the production version is pathetic to look at. it maybe one of the better suzukis, but i will choose an accord any day over this.
  17. there is already a cruze review in autocar forum and there is no need to post a tbhp link.
  18. vineet, you are one lucky fella the side profile of the car is worth dying for. what car did you drive before this? can you provide differences between your last car and cruze to give a realistic difference not just between features, but also other knick-knacks here and there? for example, we have a scorpio and an accent. seatbelt of scorpio is quite uncomfortable compared to accent. and arm rest for the front seats is where scorpio scores a point.
  19. i think overall jetta is the least value for money. it looks bad (a cross between the already similar tata indigo and lada priora), and is overpriced. VW badge may be reliable, but then you feel robbed after you get the jetta. it has no road presence or sexual appeal. laura looks fantastic. cruze looks great now, but through time you will feel that the design feels overdone. they tried to get bits and pieces from several places. altis is a junior camry, and civic is like back to future. its the oldest, but still looks futuristic. though it doesnt turn heads and isnt the best car around. so in my point of view, 1. Cruze : latest car, so it was born out of comparison. it had to be the best. so there are compromises, but you can take them for granted. chevrolet is reliable and cheaper to maintain compared to others. 2. Laura : fantastic car by skoda. skoda is seen as a premium brand in india. and at the same time, skoda's post sales service is something to make sure you stay away from a skoda. so all in all, skoda commands respect and hatred among indians. investing in a skoda is hence a gamble. you might get lucky, but might not. 3. Corolla & 4. Civic : reliability at an expense. Corolla scores over Civic in my ratings. 5. Jetta : it was made just because VW had to make something.
  20. its not that easy to give the verdict. everything comes down to one point : personal requirements. i dont think its part of autocar's principles to post articles from the magazine, so you would have to refer to that particular month's autocar. there are people who have the money to buy an innova but go for the xylo. and there are people who still buy the tavera. all these MPVs have their pros and cons.