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  1. SRS Airbag -> Supplementary Restraint System Airbag is an added safety in a car, but not an absolute necessity. otherwise every car would've had airbags before they had power windows. having no airbags doesnt necessarily mean death. yes, airbag helps survive in extreme crashes, but most cars equipped with airbags on the road never have had to use the airbags in their lifetime. so if you can compromise on safety, you can always go for verna.
  2. rkrk is right about its similarities with the nano. like the nano, this one's central console doesn't stretch to the floor. and along with the gearbox, the total interior looks very plasticky.. hope its not a hello kitty edition
  3. no i'm talking about introducing the 2007 micra in india (which can be sold for cheap as it is already 2 yrs old), and making india the export base for the 2010 micra.
  4. no idea. is there a chance that nissan will launch the old micra in india mid 2010, and will produce this micra at chennai for export market (as it might not be cheap enough to sell here)?
  5. oops.. sorry my mistake.. will keep in mind from now on
  6. here is the micra (finally.. lol) check :
  7. Strangely enough, and even though the latest generation Suzuki Alto, which is also marketed in some regions including Europe as the Nissan Pixo with a different nose job, was introduced only last year at the 2008 Paris show, the Japanese firm has announced that it will display a near-production concept model of the next generation Alto at the forthcoming Tokyo Motor Show in late October. The only reasonable explanation (since Suzuki did not bother to clear things up for us in its press release...) is that the production model of the "concept Alto" is destined for markets other than the ones that the current Alto is offered including of course Japan.
  8. @creativebala but i'm not drinking and driving dat too i'm drinking beer
  9. @creativebala buddy, please teach me how to post pics on autocar forum.. it will be of great help to me.
  10. you mean nxg right? the one with black pillars and black roof..
  11. ya but the rear of nxg looks pretty disgusting.. and about the nxr's looks, the less said, the better. i would buy an 800 any day over an nxr. i find it THAT bad.
  12. now unveiled at frankfurt motor show.
  13. while autocar got the sketch, i found the car in a link dont know how to upload pictures, so somebody do it please.
  14. thanx cyrus, although i doubt whether this will do any good to nissan. i feelthey will directly launch the next-gen micra in india. and that too at a time when polo and beat will already be there, along with the current hatches. so the pie will almost be finished when nissan thinks it has arrived
  15. khatbhej

    Nissan Pixo

    lol.. rather a star with a "face-lift".. a star has kind of saggy front lights and nose.
  16. 1 petrol and 1 diesel. bas, problem solved? damn beemers!
  17. and you still have a cielo.. and you still dream of modifying it..
  18. this is another srk design. so its very cool, but do you think this pic is reliable?
  19. how stupid.. how can he try to increase sales of something which is not introduced yet.. i think you should be a bit formal on this public forum.
  20. its a problem with your air filter.. change it.