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  1. lol does iraq have intact cars apart from one filling fuel or are all the rest bombed?
  2. looks pretty gayish... gimme a break, but red and gold??
  3. some people have a lot of free time and money.. still they go mad
  4. my dad has an accent viva that i use currently [red, bought in 2003]. i think another 1 or 2 yrs and its abt time for it to get a modification, as i wont b selling off this car.. i was thinking of turning it into a mean machine [by my standards], not the sissy types generally seen on roads.. ppl just fit in pre-made bumpers and call it a modified car.. i want a beast. although i have zero knowhow, i was thinking of replacing the 1.6L engine and put in sumthin powerful, like the 2.2L m-hawk.. or maybe the 2.8L skoda V6 engine [though it wud b too expensive]. now here come 2 very important questions.. first, can a petrol car be made diesel by just changing the engine or does it require big time [read expensive] internal modifications? second, perhaps more important than the first, can engines actually be bought?? i googled a lot, and according to my understanding if i damage my accent engine to an irrepairable state the company will give a fresh engine and charge me for it, but if i ask for an engine from say maruti, i wud b shown the door.. one option i found is to look for second hand engines in scrapyards, which is not only impossible in india, but also inadviceable.. i also dream of changes on the outside.. i LOVE the tail lamps of Mitsubishi Outlander and headlights of the Indica Vista.. i also LOVE the trademark bonnet grille of the Audi and kind of like the high rear of the 2009 Honda City.. then i wonder if there are projector headlamps for indica vista headlights.. i wud also love the read colour changed to something hot with fiery graphics.. wud these mods cost me a bomb [if at all possible]??? am i dreaming too much? pls do reply
  5. whats all the fuss abt quality issues? hasnt hyundai jumped on that?
  6. very useful website. i used it when we got the scorpio vlx.
  7. i thought United Kingdom has fallen short of driving schools
  8. haan bhai sonnet chalo maan liya ab to post karo.. i wanna c ur complete fleet of devils
  9. i hadnt seen da oder pics of dis car in his flickr album... now i c dat even da oder pics of dis fake roadster has tampered watermarks.. wah bhai wah
  10. i think he's a fraudster wid pics of a fake roadster front n rear pics of dat modified car bore watermarks wich hav been removed, haziness remains tho.. dashboard pic has been abruptly chopped from da bottom to avoid watermark, still sumthin blue appears at bottom left.. moreover, rolls royce bears a delhi plate, n roadster bears a haryana one [now he might hav a home at both places, but considering his shyness on posting pics of his new cars, i think he's a liar.. aftr all, if u hav a fleet of royals, how come u dont hav pics?] dude at least get da pics of da cars.. we wanna c indian plates on da cars u mentioned.. we dont want u beside dem.. just da cars.. show us man