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  1. I am vijay Dasari, I have bought Vento Auto Transmission(5th Jan 2013) from the time of delivery I am getting reasonably loud noise from the rear of the car every time the car passes a speed breaker/hump at 20kph or even 15kph, I took it to notice to (apple Auto Bangalore) from where I have bought the vehicle many times.They say its normal for all the VW cars to produce that sound.But I haven't heard anything while I did a test drive on any of their cars, nor I experienced any thing of this sort in my 15yrs of driving experience across the world and models.The problems with apple auto are endless.Its just buying grief from Apple Auto.In Short n brief,I am just wondering if you could mail me your chassis number/Reg number stating if you are having the same problem or not,(few minutes of your time for a cause) This will help me to fight with apple auto With real stastics. Email I'd: captvdasari@gmail.com Thank You all for your helping Hand in advance Regards Capt Vijay Dasari