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  1. Yes thank you BonFre. I am rather enjoying the device.
  2. I've just picked up a OnePlus Two 2 weeks back.
  3. Logged into ACI forums after long time today. I guess after a better part of a year. Nothing different than before.
  4. The 458 Speciale Aperta has apparently landed in Delhi.
  5. currently I am using Nokia Lumia 720 since a year with developer update 8.1 running on it. and laptop is MacBook Air 11 inch with Haswell processor 2013 model.
  6. proportions are tad awkward but looks promising. if it is priced well, we could possible get one.
  7. utter disgusting. Mahindra, this was so uncalled for. dont do it ever again.
  8. how are you doing sir? its been long. what rides you got there now?
  9. back today to ACI forums after long time. felt good going through old posts and remembering some people like rssh or BornFree... hpoe they still remember me...
  10. things have changed since i last logged in here couple years back... back then i had a Civic 2.0 in Bangkok then an Innova joined it there. Then got a Manza in Patna and a little later a Xylo as well. Then got an Innova in Delhi then a cute little i10 automatic joined it here. Now as it stands only the Manza in Patna and the i10 in delhi remains. looking to add a 7 seater to the garage in a month or so.
  11. had a good proper look at the Bolt and Zest both during the Auto Expo. Extremely promising products and hope it works out for TATA.
  12. in the market for a MPV. is it going to be worth waiting for Mobilio or should i just go ahead with the Ertiga ZDi?
  13. today logged in ACI Forums after a long time. feels good and its still the same peaceful place it used to be. i just plan to catch up on some sleep today.
  14. damn i so want to work as an officer in the dubai police. whats the worst car they'll give me? the Camaro? I'll take it with open arms!
  15. Congrats PlatzdaTurbo! she's a beast. just looking at her, i feel the torque. lol
  16. Michael should have stayed on a little while more since he was just finding his groove back. But its fine he left because it now means I can focus on studies now and not just stuck to the TV trying to get a glimpse of His Holiness Schumacher.
  17. back again after a long time. this new theme really looks awesome and refreshing.
  18. logged in to ACI Forums again after a long time. also found out my girlfriend is getting a Camaro in a few weeks!!
  19. today logged on ACI forums after a very long time. still feels like home this place.
  20. Toyota Fortuner too. and a facelifted Figo perhaps.
  21. why is this front end resembling to the new 3 series?
  22. For me it is the Aria. I find this car really nice. I dont like the XUV500, though i must say it was priced extremely well. So head says XUV500 and heart says Aria. SO voted with heart.
  23. i thought my parcel tray was wobbling. went to get it fixed and turned out that it was the wheel bearing. so changed that and all is well now.
  24. the current one can do 0-100 in 2.9 seconds. how much this will do!?!?!