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  1. things have changed since i last logged in here couple years back... back then i had a Civic 2.0 in Bangkok then an Innova joined it there. Then got a Manza in Patna and a little later a Xylo as well. Then got an Innova in Delhi then a cute little i10 automatic joined it here.

    Now as it stands only the Manza in Patna and the i10 in delhi remains. looking to add a 7 seater to the garage in a month or so.

  2. @archit :

    Too bad. I would have been happy if she was getting a beat diesel or like. smiley1.gif

    Ok' date=' here goes my first post from Hyderabad. The place is close to shankarapalli and the college campus is huge. Photos will come soon.


    subho dada, no more in kolkata?

    also why you been happy if she was getting beat diesel? smiley2.gif