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  1. this is my rating: Civic Cruze Corolla Laura OCtavia Jetta many ppl like the laura but i dont like the front lights and SKoda service rest everything is great. Civic is still on top my list!
  2. well i bumped on this topic. i havent realized how time flied i have been a member for a year already now! August 16th! well off-late i havent been logging in much due to much schoolwork but yes i keep on reading the posts that very informative . Some people who really contribute to the good information- SG sir, anjan, DD, Cyrus, and none other than the great FRG himself! now i am not saying that other members dont contribute any useful information. thwy do and all of you- keep up the good work. GOD BLESS ACI FORUMS!
  3. looks bad i remember seeing a thread by DD about next gen Civic that was also ugly looks like the sedan segment is going to get uglier!
  4. i got this message and it doesnt even post for you guys atleast it posts but me it is even harder though i have to click back and post again then i will get warning the i double-post! when the first one didnt even go!
  5. my dad also maintains a 120-140 speed and he gets a 13-14 kmpl in Civic 2.0, it is not even a 1.8 litre which is in india!
  6. @BS,these are the alloys offered for the 2.0 version
  7. i would go for the Civic maybe i own one or what but i simply love this car looks are simply great price is high ubt only in India suspension is damn good. experience is the best Comfort is also the best engine is a stonker!
  8. ah, this thread... well today is a lazy sunday first of all nothing to do and nowhere to go so just at home and gonna watch Singapore Night Race
  9. this is sad no Renault anymore! what will Alonso do now? no drive left! i think Alonso is the biggest loser after Briatore and Symonds!
  10. Harbhajan Singh got caught by cops for driving the hummer without the number plate!
  11. from what i saw sharukh was in a silver X5
  12. i think the grille is too plain-jane here i hope chevy puts a more macho grille with lots of mesh!
  13. Laloo has a Honda CR-V one day i saw Sanjay Dutt in his R8 and Sharukh in his X5
  14. i like the Audi R8 V12 TDi also the Nissan GT-R (R35) and BMW M5
  15. Keep it clean Any confined space can accelerate the spread of contagious diseases, and guess what? Your car is a haven for germs Published: 26/07/2009 at 12:00 AM Newspaper section: Brunch By now, you're probably well aware of the swine flu pandemic. Your hands are red after washing them 50,000 times a day and you're suffocating from breathing through a mask all day. Then you jump into your car and, because you are alone, you feel protected and relieved. But have you forgotten anything? What about the cleanliness of your car? Here are 10 tips for a more hygienic drive: 1. Presume your car is full of nasty germs, not just the flu virus. Anyone who has been in your car may have left harmful germs behind. Probably the easiest and most effective way to kill germs in your car is to bake it under the sun for a day. That's right, the UV kills or neutralises most germs. Roll down the windows and open all doors for maximum sunlight penetration. All modern cars have UV-resistant interior plastics, so don't worry about that. 2. Sure, some of you may not have the sun, space and time to do this, so you will have to sanitise it. As well as rubbing alcohol, there are a few other relatively inexpensive sanitisers you may not know of, but probably already have in your house - ammonia-based window cleaners and household bleach. As bleach could ruin car plastic, do test for colour fastness by dabbing a bit of diluted bleach on a small area of your car's interior that is out of sight. You'll also need cotton pads, a piece or two of soft cloth you can throw away and one of the three sanitisers listed above. 3. Do not let anyone else do the sanitising for you. To make sure it gets done properly, do it yourself or else supervise it. 4. Take a shower before you begin and then wash your hands properly again. You may want to wear a pair of gloves to protect yourself from the chemicals. 5. Open all the doors and roll down all windows for ventilation. 6. With some cotton pads and the sanitiser, begin cleaning the areas you and other passengers usually touch like the door handles, the steering wheel, the gear lever and all the switches and ventilation louvres. 7. Use a cloth to clean the rest of the interior plastic, leather and fabric. To avoid the surfaces getting soggy, use only enough liquid to moisten the cloth. 8. Leave the inside to dry before locking your car, then clean the outside door handles. 9. The most important thing to remember is to prevent germs getting in - clean your hands and the car key with sanitising gel or a wet wipe before opening the door (and this applies to your passengers too). As a backup in case you forget your gel, keep a small bottle of alcohol spray and a wet wipe inside the car and clean everything you touch (don't forget the key) while entering the car before starting off. 10. Bank notes and coins are probably the filthiest things that get inside your car, so once you've paid the expressway toll and receive your change, take a moment to clean the hand that touched the money before touching the steering wheel or gear lever. To avoid delay, don't use gel as it takes too long to dry and may make the steering wheel slippery. Instead, use a wet wipe ready before you make the toll payment so you can instantly wipe your hands then wipe the window switch with one hand while keeping your eyes on the road. But all this will still not guarantee a germ-free ride unless you and your passengers are cautious elsewhere too. Sir Winston Churchill may have been right when he said "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" - the more you fear the flu, the more stressed you become, and that lowers your immune system and you become more susceptible to illness. So, be prepared and take precautions, but don't go mad. (
  16. i get 7-8 kmpl in my Honda Civic 2.0 yes i know it is bad but the car hardly goes on highways! it stays only in traffic areas. but yes on highway i have got 13-14
  17. wow! this i think is the most stunning looking suzuki ever!
  18. well ya, all these teams will on the front of the grid and will be so happy!