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  1. well they are doing extremely bad this season... even Honda were this bad last year and quit so by chance (though i know it is not going to happen) if Ferrari or Mclaren have tough time next season, will they quit too? then the "fun factor" will be gone from F1 this are only my thoughts to this!
  2. i also spotted the car! it raelly looks hideos!
  3. i think the petrol one is V8 but there is one new petrol V10 and the diesel is V12!
  4. OT: Ash, vihbor isnt here anymore to update us! guess someone else has to find more news
  5. well i dont think it will come any time soon since Lewis is doing really well in this season! (sarcastic)!
  6. well vice city stories is better than liberty city
  7. here is a city again! and i know the decal looks weird!
  8. okay i am posting my cars of U2! 350Z! A3! Escalade! EVO! H3!
  9. here is a swift again!
  10. wow! but the lights look like a lift from current 7!
  11. here is my iron maiden civic competitor! THE LINKIN PARK CIVIC!
  12. oh ok thanks for confirmation sgiitk i thought i read somewhere that Honda is offering Auto and Manual both!
  13. my first try at modding a bike! and yes i know it looks weird!
  14. well if you love to drive yourself then dont look further than the civic. BEcause it will give you lots of pleasure while driving. It is comfortable also but may not be as fuel efficient as its rivals!
  15. flat out head on is good game which is very involving but i dont know if it is on 360!
  16. well the front looks good but the side part somehow doent gell the rear part!
  17. i faced that "virus problem" today! luckily i have 4 browsers in my com so am using others now!
  18. er... that is a spoiler!
  19. wow! that looks like a hot playmate something may go wrong! LOL!