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  1. here is a jazz again!
  2. exactly! and now Lexus has to develop a LS-F!
  3. wow! an M7 always wished there was 1 and now it is ture!
  4. yeah i know about the psp it is the new 3000 series! and i simply love the new N97!
  5. let me download it and see it! because i love eminem songs!
  6. slighty modded civic!
  7. that is not so impressive! looks like a city with bigger dimensions!
  8. well the stock bumper had license plates and so did the custom one so i thought of blocking it out but putting brabus logo!
  9. the bumper is big so it looks sporty!
  10. well congrats on your sale and good to see you after a long time krace anyways getting back to topic i think ikon is the better choice though old ikons had exorbitant spares so do think about that accent is more of a comfort car not a drag racer in 2 laks u can see a esteem or even lancer
  11. yup mod it like hell drag it in torquenite Zen is a dream i suggest u give your mom one of your fiats or the scorpio and keep the zen!
  12. man how many cars u want to own? anyways will u fit in a 800 or Zen? just kidding
  13. that looks chic Cyrus good work!
  14. here is my take on that city
  15. how about TATA Winger/Ace? wouldnt that suit the needs?
  16. haha i have seen one bangkok and it looks really bad even worse than a modded wagon r! sadly it left!