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  1. how abut the toyota wish? that is also a good one!
  2. that is impossible BS but never give up hope " IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING"- ADIDAS!
  3. wow!! but the pinkish shade is suiting much! SOrry
  4. a 500! please comment on it!
  5. finally i modded a swift!
  6. the seven series is back!!! though it looks cool, X6 looks cooler!
  7. oh wow this SUV looks cool impressive Skoda is getting after Superb!
  8. yeah the X6 looks really good!
  9. wow! a california in Mumbai!!! that is really cool
  10. actually i just did this in a hurry i am gonna do another one now!
  11. here is my take on that scorpio !!
  12. nice pics tejas the voyager looks like a bigger 300C!
  13. hey joyjoy welcome to AUTOCAR INDIA Forums well regarding your query, civic suits best because it has got a lot power and it is stable at high speeds also handling is very good average is also good
  14. here is a 350Z! archit2009-05-06 12:03:45
  15. well i think AWD as rssh suggested day lights(actually not sure how they are called but those on the new A4)
  16. hey manish can u psot pics of the dodge?
  17. TUSSI GREAT HO NIMESH! how on earth do you find all these "leaked info"?
  18. i think it is that same one roaming around the same area!