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  1. well avanza would do okay! but i think the Toyota Wish would make more sense as it has a much better designing! here is the wish!
  2. haha that is a good one sparsh interiors are simply too good! hope it succeeeds in India and which i think will happen since it has all features to do so!
  3. they'll have fun too!
  4. nice pics Subzero! i was about to tell you to post your side of the pics! actually i didnt find this so no pics of these! but yes they always have cool ICE setup at all motor show!
  5. oh sorry well that is good for hyundai that even now they manage to sell accent i think it is in executive form if i am not wrong!
  6. errm... it was confirmed a long time ago! but yea looks like it will come earlier!
  7. nice pics sgt.flippy the IS-F looks cool in that shade of blue!
  8. wow! i like this new A6! actually i have always liked the A6 probably the only one because rest people go for Bemmer 5 and Merc E!
  9. please post pics of your scopio with the caps!
  10. woah! man u typed the title wrong! it looks like u want to buy Audi A8 or swift! anyways i think i would suggest you to buy Swift as it is better looking and more fun to drive!
  11. well i am more of a rock person! i love linkin park, iron maiden, fort minor, breaking benjamin and i like hip hop also some like 50 Cent songs ( In Da Club, Just a lil bit, Ayo Technology), Chamillionaire( Hip Hop Police, Ridin Dirty) Act-a-fool! but nowadays i have become more desi! some like Bachna Ae Haseeno title track, Jannat Jahan, Atif Aslam's album Doorie,
  12. actually i like it this way but i will change color combo!
  13. nice effects BS! looks cool anyways i have tried an Abarth Linea!
  14. ah now it is working that is good news!
  15. hey csnana i dont think that link works
  16. i dont think it is the aygo! i think it is the yaris!
  17. exactly maybe fully loaded city or civic if sedan but if MUV/SUV then innova is good too but the new scorpio impresses me more!