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  1. The fortuner has a great ride and very refined engine here in BKK! it is the best! but hope toyota doesnt alter those changes for india!
  2. haha! really true! or maybe a winzip file of swift! when u extract the file, it didnt come right!
  3. wow! this indeed a good report! But i think Bravo isnt going to cost 6-7 lacs! i read somewhere else that it is coming as CBU! so 20-22 lac price! not sure
  4. @swiftvxi- ford ranger does not dominate the segment in Thailand! it is dominated by Isuzu D-MAX and the Toyota Hilux Vigo but i agree with you on other points!
  5. wow!! i didnt expect so many supporters of KKR! mt second team is Dehli Daredevils!
  6. actualy i like this stinger! but interiors are too boring!
  7. i am using CS4 extended!
  8. well thanks for the comments! i will try that later!
  9. thanks for the link Cyrus! i really like it! anyways this is a Modded CRV! archit2009-04-16 16:56:49
  10. i know i was about to ask you cyrus! how can make that rims fit onto the tyre? which tool?
  11. wow! that is good news! maybe the next bolero!
  12. nice pics nimesh! man are u a spy or smth? u find everything in the world!
  13. here is BS's Spark part 2!
  14. i voted the fiesta S simply because of its handling! or else if performance then Honda City S!
  15. not so impressive features! i people will still buy civic E!
  16. oh man that is bad! surely it wont be appreciated by indians!
  17. what?!? there is another super car show in dehli??
  18. OPTRA! i think this is better than the 800!
  19. 50K?!?! u can get a faster bike!
  20. thanks for the tip cyrus will keep that in mind next time i will work on BS's car now! EDIT! here is BS's car! not so good i know! archit2009-04-15 07:46:37
  21. i know no need to be sorry i just did this for fun!
  22. dude Karan!! have you put FZ light on your pulsar?