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  1. Kolkatta Knight Riders for me simply because of Mcullum and Dada!
  2. wow!! even though that is your first chop it is mind blowing! were you born with this talent?
  3. well cyrus you dont need to compare with me! you a league different!
  4. well remember that Land Cruiser i posted before? well this slightly changed than that!
  5. yea i love teh Cruzr too! at first i thought Chevy was bluffing with its cruze but now it is real!
  6. i think i20 will be a good choice! it is a much better looker than swift! (personal opinion)
  7. man u are just posting without patience! keep it all in one post! anyways bac to the topic, i think Spark and Santro will make great cars!
  8. Land Cruiser! archit2009-04-12 04:59:47
  9. that is a fine decision! u will be more happy since you have the money to buy another bike, just mod your 220!
  10. nice pics DD! but why didn't u put them all in one post??
  11. oh yes i saw the pics pf it! it rocks big time! the front bumpers change the looks to a more macho look!
  12. ok i saw that thread well he hasn't been doing anything else wrong around here but i am not a moderator or anything so leave the work to them!
  13. skoda laura (in India) hatch!
  14. actually all over the world. whereever the fortuner is sold, it doesnt have spare wheel holder! so i dont think Toyota will actually put one!
  15. nice work Zal somebody should do that in real! it will rock the road!
  16. well there wasnt any other TATA vehicle on the show BS
  17. any pics of this?? i want to see it eagerly!
  18. i was seeing the 7 series until now the honda is back!
  19. i like this new 7 series so much! thanks cyrus!
  20. yes sudeep this is road legal! that is why this is on sale!
  21. i think santro is best if it fits your budget or the zen!