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  1. ahh, ferrari have ruined the 458!! i mean look at that hideous engine cover!!
  2. congrats sarabjeet. even i wanted to mount to ceiling but mom did not allow to mount it so it is kept on a stand.
  3. dude i live in bangkok. got none of those tata sky and stuff. only got one DTH service. will be getting that soon. plus this tv has got the 2D to 3D conversion.
  4. got the new TV. its a Samsung. LED Series 6 model number D6400. enjoying it to the fullest.
  5. my monthly running would about 150-200 kms but most of which in bumper-to-bumper traffic. my Civic gives around 6-7 km/pl which hurts our pockets. Fuel bills, im not sure. will have to check and revert.
  6. on the verge of getting a new TV. Tough choice between Samsung and Sony.
  7. already did one or 2 long back, go through the posts on previous pages.
  8. yes i like the Splendor and Safari ads. Even Nano one is good with the little girl.
  9. Our Civic: the girl is 6 and half years old now. still going strong. A.S.S has been near perfect. it got some scratches to some careless bikers. its black. the 2.0 litre engine is still smooth. the low range torque is a bit of a bother since its quite less. but after 3K RPM it flies. and some. interior leather has some scratches and dirt. will get it polished soon. boot is small. that is another weak point. otherwise quite a good and satisfying ownership!
  10. any plans to upgrade the shoes? or rims? get like 16-17". it will suit the ride.
  11. Asethi will be pretty darn sad then. ahaha anyways Vipul's idea isnt bad but it just wont convince higher authorities at VW/Skoda.
  12. watched the whole day 1 of the test match going on. woke up at 12 because of that. and then drove a Mercedes SLS sideways... on a friend's PS3. lol
  13. Yday was just a boring slow lazy day. Got up at 11. Ate lunch and just watched some old episodes of Top Gear. Not as fun as the latest episodes but not bad. I am eagerly waiting for season 17. anyone else following top gear??
  14. congrats TSi! excellent car this! Please post some pics man. I want to see this beauty as well.
  15. YAY! finally its out of the covers! it looks stunning! 560 hp engine is also awesome! it will eat lambos for breakfast, porsches for lunch and astons for dinner!
  16. Post deleted: OT posts will be deleted promptly. BornFree2011-06-16 04:28:30
  17. Honda Civic: yes i have one and i also feel there is less power lower in the powerband. but once 3K RPM is crossed, there is no looking back! Honda City: fatter rubber please! also add a CD player atleast. Skoda: Improve A.S.S and people will flock to buy their cars. Hyundai: Solve steering rattle in i10s and i20s. i dont know about fluidic verna.
  18. eew dude, u called me valthaty? i was thinking on the lines of Viru or somthing. haha
  19. wow this is really great. now Honda should slash prices of Jazz (long time needed) and CR-V. Accord's prices can be reduced by a bit and offer some more features. then Honda will be back to where they were- the top.
  20. today was a active day. i got up at 9. went to a puja at 11:00 and it lasted till 12:30. after that, i went for cricket with friends and scored a good 74 off 50 balls. good day today.
  21. how about saving up and then modding? i mean your ride would really look hot with these mods. Sorry for OT.
  22. there was a lot of speculations before that a 1.0 diesel mill will be fitted. nothing after that.
  23. my friends also say the same thing to me. It just happened once that I was looking the new E class Convertible and there was this really hot girl standing beside. I was busy looking at the Merc. Friends just got annoyed!
  24. i think the Ritz is a good option for you or have a look at Micra D.