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  1. that is a DC modded car. it was featured in some bollywodd film as well. SRK was driving it.
  2. i might just make it to the race in december but is the race in december? because from what i heard, bahrain GP has pulled out again. so will they revert to old timings?
  3. anyone checked iOS5 yet? my trusty iPHone 2G is still going strong. might just replace it soon with the iPhone 4s.
  4. hey asethi, congrats man! what a fab car to own. now make those rims bigger because the rim size doesnt do justice to the overall looks. get like 16" or 17"!
  5. is it just me or the rear resemble a bit like the Polo?
  6. looks awesome!! now this car would be a stunner with the 1.4 CRDi engine. or maybe a 1.6 turbocharged. hahaha but on a serious note, i really doubt Hyundai would launch this variant.
  7. ooh those headlights are killer. now waiting for A.Sethi to get it for his polo! haha
  8. ah the good ol' days. enjoying reading all the threads and replies. Actually holidays are on for 2 and half months. So just trying to find to something new to do everyday. Y'day, I had to go to the hospital in emergency because my aunt had fallen off from the counter of the kitchen. she had climbed the counter to keep some stuff and she slipped. she fell on her head and got 9 stitches. she is feeling weak now but much better. Otherwise whole day has gone lazily.
  9. logged in ACI Forums after a reallly long time. just going through some old posts. hope people still remember me. haha
  10. welcome bmwrocks! enjoy your time here.
  11. this looks HAWT!!!! the side view reminds of the Z4. but it looks good.
  12. so if narain is in HRT, is chandok his team mate?
  13. they have launched a facelifted accord here in BKK and well, it is quite disappointing.
  14. i also saw both specials today. the america one was just tooo good! the middle east one was more serious but good nonetheless.
  15. cool! i am also thinking about the iPhone 4. i think it is just fab.
  16. @BornFree, which iPhone is that? 3G or 3Gs? why no iOS4?
  17. the show is only till today. i didnt and cant make it. i am not in town sadly. i really did want to see the Brio in flesh.
  18. oh yes i have heard about those windows 7 phones that are soon to be launched. but i have such a bad experience of windows mobile 6 that i dont want to take a risk. i am really considering android but i think there are not enough apps. hope i am wrong. iOS seems best bet for me.
  19. congrats on the iPad asethi! i want an iPad. a best buddy of mine has one and i have extensively used it. now i have to replace my old horse -iPhone 2G. guys suggest. I want to try android this time but i also think i should go for an iphone 4. i was considering a BB Torch but after using it, dropped the plan!
  20. congrats Doc! this phone is really really VFM and good. I like its Bada OS.