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  1. i also heard about it being towards the end of the month. I will also go and attend it.
  2. i also think it is going to be Kizashi. that estilo thingy may be just to confuse people.
  3. i just finished decorating my house. now waiting for dark to turn all the lights on!!
  4. there is one tuned M5 which is faster than this beast. so this is not the fastest saloon.
  5. the yellow looks nice but not in this pic. red would have been the best choice. congrats to him!
  6. i think, as per what i read in the forum, it happens in all skodas and VWs.
  7. but hamilton has a 5 place penalty for gearbox change.
  8. WOAH!!! what a car!! though interior may not apeeal to all but it does appeal to me!!
  9. where does the front propellar shaft go on the car?? i got everyting else in first try but this is taking too long. please help me!
  10. here is a Jazz, it has a lot flaws now i see it. Uploaded with
  11. oh yes this hatch here is one of the Best! All critics say that the Mazda 2 hatch is the finest.But Horizon, you should have checked out the new Fiesta hatch.
  12. haha that is a good weekend Asethi. i envy u man!
  13. It looks good but it reminds me of the old Punto.
  14. so what now? the new stig will be yellow?
  15. Congrats on the Wave, BS! BTW, E72 is one helluva phone. It is mind blowing fast and good looking too. Go and get your mom one instantly.
  16. yes goenkakushal, i download the torrents from finalgear only.
  17. which car should i mod now? any suggestions?
  18. anybody facing the malware issue? i cant open the ACI homepage and forum properly because of this alert of malware. Mods please look in to this
  19. For me it has to be Swift for the Hatches. I also voted for Nano since it is also targeting a market which no one else even thought of and must give the credit to TATA for being bold. Last, I voted for Civic mainly because Honda have launched a gem of a car with futuristic interiors, which 4 years down the line still look extremely good. Even the exteriors and engine were just fab.
  20. let me see. i doubt it though. EDIT: No i dont have it sorry. How is it though?archit2010-08-21 10:59:04
  21. i cant exactly do it in Berry Red color. If u want, you can send me some pics of your car so i can work on it.