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  1. today i went to the indian embassy to celebrate the 63rd Independence day of India. it was quite nice.
  2. happy independence day to all!
  3. congrats drify! try some drifts in it. LOL
  4. Over here in BKK, BB Curve 8520 is 8K! Bold 9700 is 16K! this is after conversion to INR.
  5. i got a macbook pro but had to give it to my sister. so i got a iMac!
  6. Yday I found an alternative to iOS4 for my iPhone 2G (iPhone 2G is not compatible with iOS4!) so just installed it. It was perfect until... the phone just froze on the startup apple logo screen. Now I am reinsalling the old version and trying to update the current firmware from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3.
  7. they launched a similar Jazz X here in BKK but it had bodykits!!
  8. I share a similar story. I used to love cars and I could recognize them instantly by looking at the headlight design or rims or something like that. I used to use the dinner plate as a steering wheel and I used to have so much fun. Plus, my dad used to talk to me a lot about cars and related topics. That got me interested. Then came the era of Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed. That is the game I actually learned how to control the car. But the manual gears were always confusing. Once I happened to see my school van's gearbox(it was a 5-speed manual). I really got intrigued with it. My dad used to have only automatic cars. This was something new to me. Then i made really good friends with the driver. She showed me how to change gears and everything. Then I actually practised for the first time when i was 6 in the campus of my dad's friend house. It was a 1999 Maruti 800. I instantly took off. My parents were shocked taht I figured out the manual gearbox. Ofcourse, when i started for teh first time, i stalled the car because i did not know that i had to engage clutch and slowly dab the accelerator to start. But eventually got the hang of it. Now, my parents were really impressed. Now they let me do a bit of driving. Mainly because i dont have a valid driving license.
  9. did i let you down? hahaha
  10. here is one with mesh and lowered front bumper! Uploaded with
  11. here is one i just did after a loooong time! enjoy this aveo! Uploaded with
  12. hahahaha good one! they really can make some of those funsuk wangdu inventions in real life!
  13. Honda just dig its grave. Diesel is must nowadays and with this, I must really say there are out!
  14. this is cool! but it looks a bit chinese! XD
  15. same here. i have a headache here. now im going for a nap. But it was worth staying up late since Spain won!
  16. got it! Lamborghini LM002!
  17. i just watched TG Season 15 episode 2!!! so damn hilarious!! but i really like that M3, so sad it got only 6 points in the test.
  18. this is mine for now:
  19. Below Rs.5 lakh ------ Ford Figo P Rs.5 Lakh-Rs.10 Lakh ------- Skoda Fabia or Ford Fiesta S Rs.10 Lakh-Rs.20 Lakh ------- Honda Civic or Skoda Laura TSi Rs.20 Lakh-Rs.30 Lakh ------- Skoda Superb V6 Rs.30 Lakh-Rs.50 Lakh -------- BMW 330i Rs.50 Lakh-Rs.75 Lakh -------- BMW 535i and BMW Z4 Rs.75 Lakh and above --------- Mercedes S65 AMG, Nissan GT-R, SUVs below 10 Lakhs ------- TATA Safari SUVs between 10 and 30 Lakh -------- Toyota Fortuner or Chevrolet Captiva SUVs above 30 Lakh ---------- Audi Q7 or BMW X6 Spots cars below Rs.1 Crore --------- BMW M3 coupe Sports cars above Rs.1 Crore --------- Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560 and Lamborghini Murcielago SV
  20. i havent seen the second episode yet. it is downloading as i type this. hope to see a crashed reliant robin. TG is really serious now even though the producer says that no one or nothing told them to be serious as it was said in the news that Government told TG to be serious.
  21. aha, i saw this! very funny! it flips everytime he turns and a passerby has to turn it over again. this was funny!