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  1. or how about Samsung Galaxy?? i just saw it in some mall here and it looks pretty good plus it has app store.
  2. yes i am older! i am going to turn 16 this september. anyways welcome to ACI. I actually havent welcomed someone on ACI in a long time!
  3. i couldn't do anything. The rule of ebay is that whatever you are selling does not get sold, its price will keep on increasing per week about 5-7 dollars. So i really couldnt do anything about it.
  4. well, the long waited punto sports doesnt turn out as great as it was expected! Quite disappointing!
  5. happy birthday Manish! yes he really is really busy nowadays. Hardly online!
  6. nice pictures! even alloys are looking good on the nano!
  7. i did vote. it says i have already voted but no vote registered for Z4.
  8. BMW Z4 for me. Out of this budget, i would still buy one and compromise on other stuff!
  9. i know it's sad that your pics are gone. But that we get fresh pics?
  10. in TG, the Liana looks like the Optra!
  11. i have to agree with that. Petrol cars exhaust note will always be there in my heart. It just sounds soo good.!
  12. i like both. But I like wavin flag a wee bit more. Waka Waka is by shakira right?
  13. haha congrats on the buy asethi. i am just using that same laptop but it is my friend's. One difference is that the one i am using has 1GB graphic card.
  14. nice choice! even i'll be getting one withing 1-2 weeks!!
  15. my ID has nothing too hard to recognize. archit is also my name: Archit
  16. ah yes, those curries really take toll on some phones! LOL even my old Nokia 1600 fell in one daal and well it came out fine, it was never the same again!
  17. i am desperately waiting for the iPhone 4! it is looking like a good package to replace my current iPhone 2G.
  18. hey nice video! it is in bangkok where this vid has been shooted. It is on one of the expressways that i used to use often!
  19. i don't think u should buy this car as for the reasons mentioned above. But try to find other corollas if you are really intent on buying one! Btw, good joke SG sir!
  20. i tried to a wheelie on my bike today after a long time. I couldnt judge my speed properly. But i still had a go. I lifted my front wheel and suddenly wind came and flipped my bike around. I got away safe with a painful tailbone!
  21. i want to go watch it but its still not yet released here! i saw the trailer and that just set my mind. I'll go maybe after my exams are done!