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  1. WOW!! you really did find a lot of nice cars! congrats!
  2. i like all Range Rovers! the blue one is still very nice, in fact it survived the Amazon forest in Top Gear!
  3. congrats sgiitk!! u have joined in the civic group now!! it is one awesome car. have fun!
  4. +1 to what cyrus said. get darker shades of rims with Lenso or Enkei. 16" would look awesome!!
  5. this looks pretty similar to those sketches but the rear suggests something bigger, maybe Jetta.
  6. happy birthday Cyrus! have a lot fun!
  7. very boring day today nowhere to go, actually forced to stay at home because of political problems!
  8. yea it is true! but you can find adapters for your plugs, though costly but very useful!
  9. i cant go anywhere out due to political problems going on here!
  10. i would love to have: superchargers (imagine Manza or Linea supercharged!!) LOL daytime running lights massage driver's seat bluetooth connectivity twin exhausts! LOL race versions on sale!
  11. i saw this for PSP but honestly it was not appealing at all! I mean the graphics for instance were horrible! but that was Formula 1 2K10. Maybe this is different!
  12. driftpunk- i stay in bangkok but the laptop is bought in USA. @Bornfree- i have experienced this firsthand though never tried throwing the laptop around! LOL
  13. toshiba makes excellent laptops! my dad has beeen using since last August, and no problems touchwood. It is a good laptop and it was not too expensive either. Go for it. BTW, does toshiba make only satellites or they have more models?
  14. it doesn't matter for Ross Brawn because the other Mercedes GP car is ahead!
  15. 5800 is a great phone and i actually considered it during my phone purchse but left it due to less "wow" factor compared to iPhone.
  16. the SL55 Gullwing should be compared to SL65 Black or SL63 AMG?
  17. Your mom will in my prayers now and she should recover well and fast with all our wishes. Just don't feel panicky in this situation, just calmness will be the way out!
  18. i love the iPhone. No troubles faced ever. But nowadays, the BB Bold 9700 is also becoming the new fashion, not that is not a good phone. It is excellent!
  19. ah, today was a quite tiring day! first school, then cricket for 3 hours, then Homework!, then table-tennis, then shower, then dinner, now ACI forums. I did quite do a lot of things today!
  20. it is the Mercedes Benz S63 AMG!! got that answer in Top gear season 14 episode 1! LOL
  21. congrats CSK! but i hate CSK, i hope next year KKR or DD wins!
  22. Stunner suits you perfectly! go for it and you wont regret it!