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  1. same show everybody is talking about! its name is chop shop
  2. yes, that is the one i like! the show's name is Chop Shop!
  3. i watch the channel regularly! i like the show Chop SHop but i think it is over now
  4. i also read this toyota has quality problems! they say Quality Revolution but for what? the revolution for the worse?
  5. just got a BB Bold 9000 2 days ago!
  6. this is just excellent photography. i also want to visit the rally some day. Let's go together Cyrus! LOL
  7. i like this but it looks similar to the Murcielago! plus, Jota sounds weird!
  8. ah finally! looks like a good deal please post the "after mods" pics please!
  9. This car's name is Zafira it was sold as Opel, Holden, even Chevrolet in BKK
  10. i may just make it to the Auto Expo too!! but it is not sure let's see what happens to my trip after New Year celebrations!
  11. not bad looking can be a good replacement car for the Tiida!
  12. YEA!! he is back!! The God is back!!
  13. i may just make it to the Auto Expo!! i hope to see these beasts!
  14. archit


    i chose the Indica Vista (the anniversary version) i love the looks in the anniversary edition! and it has got some features too!
  15. no picture here is one i clicked with a VGA Camera!
  16. i will try Ubuntu soon i want a Mac OSX!! but no way to put it on an Intel-based machine!
  17. the Grandis is a worthy competitior! not this, this looks bad Grandis looks great!
  18. still, it will be a rocket! just that they should offer some more equipment and voila the swift sport!
  19. can we expect the 1.2 TSi engine in swift? LOL
  20. This is Czech build quality for you! look at the Wagon R and the Fabia, the Fabia flipped & not much damage but the Wagon R is totaled! BornFree2009-12-09 03:29:38
  21. aha i will be going to see that ! i heard that TATA has strictly confirmed that they will not sell the Nano in Bkk. i will post pics of what i see for sure! but most probably next saturday or sunday!
  22. In fact, I just saw the the side view picture, I can tell that the rear has been copied or pasted from the Vauxhall Astra
  23. I dont think this is true! There is one another (fake) version too, so I assume this is also fake! Post edited Note from mod: Use Capital letters where required. BornFree2009-12-04 13:54:33