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  1. i did not get this... speedo in music player??
  2. Audacity is a good program! even i think Nero can convert some files
  3. Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani is good but not a blockbuster! see it
  4. I can't help but feel sad for you! My uncle also faced this problem. He considered himself a fool for buying the Octy. But there turned out to be an even bigger fool. He bought the car for 11 lacs including some accesories and used it for a year but many visits to workshop pissed him off so he decided to sell his car and he found a buyer who was willing to give him 13 lacs! So my uncle was more than happy to sell it off and relieve a whole load of stress!
  5. haha this should be chaned to the "official dinner thread" just kidding, okay coming back to topic though my car is sufficient actually more than we actually need, which is good and regarding those reverse horns or whatever you call them, those are indeed annoying i remember i was riding a Sumo about 3 years ago and by chance the driver had to back up and i heard Himesh Reshamiya's song Aap Ki Kashish and for a moment i thought the driver's mobile is ringing so i was okay with it. But it got annoying as time passed by. So i told the driver to turn it off and he was like," Nahi, Main band nahi kar sakta, kyonki jab yeh bajta hai to ladki log mujhe dekhte hai!" he was still single. So i was like just for some girls u annoy all passengers in the car. He was speechless!
  6. But is it a good movie? I am thinking of watching it. I also watched Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani today. Post edited Note: Use Capital letters where required. BornFree2009-11-29 13:20:47
  7. archit


    welcome and enjoy your time here
  8. they had the JCW version too! nobody buys the base version all are cooper s
  9. a mini here is quite expensive yet it sells like hot cakes it is a common sight here!' but good pic
  10. 2006 Honda Civic 2.0 i-Vtec pros: excellent torque high in the rev band very smooth paddle shifts sound system rocks! looks are simply too good interior is also light years ahead of competition cruise control free-revving engine cons: low GC though it doesn't matter here much less torque in the lower part of rev band black paint hard to maintain (though can't blame the car for this) seats are wee-bit low and could have been higher that's all
  11. i would love to have: Nissan GT-R AUDI R8 Porsche 911 GT2 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Lamborghini Murcielago SV
  12. hey sorry guys i wrote it the other way it is actually 108 dB and the system is stock!
  13. TODAY: I went to my car for a usual checkup because Mom and Dad are not here so i really had fun today becuase i really tested civic's sound sytem to its full potential! i was listening to Boom Boom Pow at the volume of 35! i measured the dB and it was 180 dB!! it was so cool!
  14. LOL!! this is funny!! people recently are begining to waste sportscars!! first the veyron in the lagoon and this !
  15. nah, E52/55 looks ugly! i like E71 in white and silver! it looks great!
  16. of course it is brand new BF!! but i have heard of E63 and E71 hanging every other moment
  17. hey guys one query: i would to do something about which phone i should keep: 1. Repair my iPhone 2G for 5K 2.Buy an E63 for 8 K 3. Buy a E71 for 10 K 4 Buy BB Curve 8900 price has no barrier in this please help!
  18. hey cyrus, how is the E71 holding up? does it hang if you load too much data on memory card?? please answer as i am looking to buy for myself this or a BB Curve 8900
  19. i cant see any of the pics!! only 1 is visible!
  20. damn that is cool! except the rims they are stock but painted black! i would have love to see some 17 or even 18 inchers on this car! it would simply rock!
  21. i like Farhan Akhter but hate the A-Star so i might go to see just Farhan Akhter not the car!
  22. i just completed 15 this september! i hope i could make it too but sadly cant!
  23. archit

    Best tourer

    i voted for R15 it looks good, drives good and is very very comfy for long drives!